REVIEW: The X-Files S11 Ep3 – Plus One

Well, apart from some of the same old ridiculous back-tracking in regards to the Mulder/Scully relationship, that was a really good episode. Especially considering it was written by Chris Carter.

Sure, the plot of this ‘Monster-of-the-Week’ didn’t make much sense. And twins as a plot device for creepy is not exactly original – in fact, it’s tired and usually irritating. And, well, some of the dialogue was hackneyed and awkward.

They’re just adorbs.

But for the most part, I didn’t really notice those things. You know why? Because Mulder and Scully were themselves, and they worked well together, and they acted like partners who have known each other for decades. So it’s not that Chris Carter has no idea how to write them. He can. So, why does he almost never do that? Basically this episode and a handful of others are exceptions to the rule. And I don’t get that.

Anyway. Karin Konoval as both Judy and Chucky was amazing. I had been looking forward to seeing her on the show again, and she did not disappoint. The hangman idea was intriguing and disturbing. Even though it didn’t make sense, I could imagine it making sense at least as much as the cases used to in the classic episodes of the show. And the story felt coherent. The nurses were enjoyable side characters, and so were the victims.

Karin Konoval was terrific in every appearance. Cr: Shane Harvey/FOX

Now, to the Mulder/Scully scenes. I must start out by saying, I’m grateful for the lack of ambiguity in their intimate scenes. They showed both an obvious, long-standing love as well as the obvious fact that they had sex. (And if you still don’t believe, then check out Gillian Anderson’s tweet during the episode). So that’s as it should be, as was their promise to always be in each other’s lives. Awww.

And it’s certainly understandable that both our favorite agents would wonder what their future might hold. But why would Scully, who has just called Mulder’s house “our house” in the previous episode, worry about where she’ll be and who will be with her? How on Earth or any planet would she say with a straight face that she didn’t know who she’d have a child with, were she able to have another one? That’s just nonsensical, especially after the easy camaraderie and mutual respect and love she and Mulder have been showing this season. I just don’t even know what Carter was trying to do with that. You can’t both have them be unequivocally a couple, and then try to shove some ambiguity back in at the same time. Well, you can try, but it’s stupid and insulting. At least Duchovny and Anderson know what’s what – as they always have.