Chai Hansen cast as Jordan Kyle in ‘Shadowhunters’

Chai Hansen

Chai Hansen

Not only will we be getting a new season of Shadowhunters this spring, but we’ll be getting a new character to go with it!

Earlier this week, it was announced that Chai Hansen would be portraying Jordan Kyle in the upcoming third season of Shadowhunters.

Fans of the book series, you will certainly know who this character is. Currently the only information that is provided about the TV series’ portrayal of Jordan is that he becomes a rather close friend with Simon. The executive producers of the show teased to EW, “Jordan comes into Simon’s life in a fun, unexpected way. The two instantly hit it off, but we soon find out there’s a lot more to Jordan than meets the eye, and repercussions that affect more than just Simon.”

We even got a sneak peek look at Hansen as Jordan, which Entertainment Weekly exclusively released.

Chai Hansen’s previous credits include The 100, Mako Mermaids, and the upcoming series The New Legends of Monkey.

Thoughts on the casting of Jordan?

To officially welcome Chai on board the Shadowhunters cast, an adorable video was created of Alberto Rosende announcing Chai’s casting. Look, they’re bros already!

Similar to what previous new cast members have done in the past, Chai also posted a video introducing himself, providing his social media, etc.

Having been a huge fan of his work ever since Mako Mermaids, this writer was absolutely ecstatic when he was cast. Couldn’t be more excited and proud for you, Chai, and I can’t wait to meet Jordan Kyle.

Shadowhunters‘ third season premieres Tuesday March 20th at 8/7c on Freeform.

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