REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E7 – Together or Not at All

As the title suggests, this episode revolves around the theme of loyalty and sticking together. Not too surprisingly, the Kree and our SHIELD team have different ideas of what that looks like.

I don’t think she’s ever going to go for a career change, Enoch.

This was another good, action-packed story, though I did feel like it could have advanced the storylines more than it did. Anyway, at least we know what Fitz asked Enoch to do: go find May on the surface and help her. Enoch continues to be enjoyable as a character, so I’m glad whichever SHIELD remnants led by Robin found them didn’t hurt him with the grabby claw thing.

As for the rest of the team, I’m extremely glad Jemma’s Kree-py ear implant has been removed. Furthermore, I know everyone’s just been running, running, running to stay ahead of Sinara and Kasius’s brother’s assassin dude. Still, couldn’t they have taken a moment to remove Daisy’s inhibitor? Have we seen a reason why they shouldn’t?

Speaking of Sinara, I guess it’s fine that she didn’t die last week. She’s certainly sinister and badass. But I do kind of wish both Kasius and his brother had died at Fitzsimmons’ hand(s). Oh, well. As soon as we saw the brothers had both survived – and especially as soon as his brother handed Kasius the gun – I knew Kasius was going to kill him. Too bad we had to listen to him make endless excuses to his brother first, and also blather on and on to Sinara. Not my favorite parts of the episode.

It wasn’t a huge shocker that Flint wanted to stay and try to help people on the Lighthouse, though I was pleasantly surprised he didn’t blame Coulson, Yo-Yo, and Mack for Tess’s death. I like that Mack and Yo-Yo have sort of adopted the kid, and he seems pretty okay with that. We can only hope that those three are mostly in one piece by the time they’re reunited with the rest of the team. (On that note, too bad Fitz’s Marauder disguise didn’t include a bulletproof vest). Also, I liked the team’s continuing skeptical/angry reactions to Deke. It’s all very in-character for them. And, um, I can’t help noticing more and more that Jeff Ward’s eyes are kind of incredibly gorgeous. Don’t die, Deke. You’re too pretty for God to let you die. Maybe.

Awww, group hug! I bet even May would have participated if she’d been there.

Oh, and on the topic of references to other sci-fi TV shows, can I just say that I adored Simmons saying “Allons-y!” to Fitz as they went up the gravity well? Heeeee. It’s canon that they’re Doctor Who fans, after all. So far I am not even remotely bored with the two of them being all adorable together.

So, now we’re left wondering what exactly Kasius and Sinara will do now. I have a hunch it involves getting on a ship and not delaying any longer with the plan of blowing the Lighthouse to smithereens behind them. How they’ll try to find Daisy first is an open question. And of course, we still don’t know how our SHIELD team will save the Earth – other than that Robin will probably be a good person to have on their side, in the future as well as the past.