HBO Adaptation ‘Fahrenheit 451’ to Debut in Spring

HBO Films has released new details about their highly anticipated adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. Written by Ramin Bahrani and Amir Naderi (Vegas: Based on a True Story), the film will debut in spring of 2018, exclusive to HBO.

Based on the classic novel by Ray Bradbury published in 1953, the title refers to the book’s tagline: “the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns…” The story’s premise sets up a dystopian American society where “firemen” are tasked with destroying knowledge and promoting censorship by book burning.

Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther) stars as the story’s protagonist Montag, a fireman who becomes disillusioned with his duty of burning books. Michael Shannon (The Shape of Water) portrays Montag’s mentor and fire captain Beatty, whose beliefs challenge Montag’s own. Sofia Boutella (The Mummy) also stars as Clarisse, an informant caught between the rivaling interests of Montag and his boss. The film will add an intriguing new character into the narrative—Raven, played by Lilly Singh (Bad Moms) and described as a tabloid reporter whose job is to sell the fire department’s propaganda to the general public by broadcasting the raids where they burn books.

“I have always loved Ray Bradbury’s prophetic novel Fahrenheit 451,” says Bahrani, who directed the film in addition to writing its screenplay adaptation. “Two years ago, as I looked at the world around me, it seemed like the ideal time to do a modern interpretation. I am grateful to HBO for helping me bring my vision of the film to audiences with this incredible cast.”