REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E6 – Fun & Games

It’s finally here: Clark Gregg’s debut as TV director of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

An unlikely pair, but very compelling.

So Mr. Gregg teased a lot of excitement during his episode before it aired, and his description of “bloody,” “fun,” and “crazy” did not disappoint. This ep had also been described as a small movie, which also felt accurate – although I often find that to be true about this show.

I can’t really think of anything I didn’t like about this episode, except (as usual) that it ended too soon. First of all, the guest stars. Patrick Fabian as Ponarian was fantastic. He’s always a perfect mixture of delightful and slimy, and I loved watching Fitz go up against him. Joel Stoffer as Enoch continues to be intriguing and excellent. Can’t wait to see what he continues to bring.

Second, Yo-Yo and her mentoring of Flint. I just love her so much: her compassion, her fearlessness, her wisdom, and her witty one-liners of course. Yeah, Mack may not be an Inhuman, but he is pretty cool. Hee. I’m glad Kasius won’t be getting his dirty blue hands on either Flint or Yo-Yo. On the other hand, Tess’s death was a definite loss. I kind of thought she might end up dying before the end of the arc, but I’ll miss her character. I’m sure Flint is going to be gutted. Maybe he’ll drop a bunch of rocks on the Kree who did it, like he did to Grill. (Incidentally, I liked that Grill showed a shred of humanity in his fondness for Flint. A three-dimensional bad guy is always more interesting).

And that brings me to the central plotline: the exhibition. I was sorry to see Ben go, but perhaps it was a mercy not to make him fight/kill any other Inhumans. As usual, the interactions between Daisy and Simmons were wonderful. I also laughed out loud when May glared at Fitz for calling her an “ancient has-been.” Glad she was saved from death, but still wondering what exactly is going on down on the surface.

Florence Faivre as Sinara is startlingly gorgeous even with her Kree makeup. Her fight scene with Daisy was epic, as well. (Image credit: ABC/Eric McCandless)

But the star of the show this week was the Fitzsimmons relationship. Everything from Fitz’s eyes when he first saw her, to his sweet, heartbreaking proposal, to their wordless communication after that… And then of course their amazing reunion during the final confrontation!! I think I could watch that over and over without getting bored. Yes, Fitz, your and Jemma’s love is definitely stronger than any curse. Plus, you’re both such badasses. If Daisy didn’t get a chance to kill Kasius (and by the way, someone really needs to permanently deactivate her inhibitor), Jemma slitting his throat was highly appropriate.

So. Our team still needs to take out the rest of the Kree, reunite with May, and somehow prevent the world from being destroyed – not to mention getting back to the past. Perhaps Enoch has some way of helping with that last part.

What was your favorite moment in the episode? Did Clark Gregg’s direction live up to the hype? Let us know in the comments!