REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E5 – Rewind

And now, it’s time for … Fitz! Finally. This might just be my favorite episode of the season so far.

If season three’s “4,722 Hours” was a showcase for Elizabeth Henstridge, “Rewind” does the same for Iain De Caestecker in many ways. We get to see him portray the anxious, nearly broken Fitz who just discovered his whole team has disappeared, the manic/crazy Fitz in prison for six months, and the utterly focused Fitz who will do pretty much anything to get back to Jemma. (And the rest of his friends, but let’s be real: we all know Jemma is most important to him).

“Release the ferrets.” Yeah, that’s going to go down in SHIELD history as one of the best lines.

Plus, there’s the added pleasure of seeing him play off Nick Blood’s Hunter, whom I’ve certainly missed. I’m pretty sure most fans would not complain if both Hunter and Bobbi showed up again, multiple times. I love that Fitz communicated with him via angry letters in a soccer (football) magazine. And Hunter’s description of how he and Bobbi work best seems to ring true. Distance helps them work best – but we’d still all like to see her on the show next time, right?

I loved the continuity of Robin, the daughter of the future-seeing Inhuman Daisy tried to save. And I certainly didn’t expect the answers we got about Enoch this episode. He’s very interesting. I have a feeling he’s not as non-interventionist with Earth (and especially Robin and her mother) as his anthropologist training would say he should be. I also have a bad feeling he might end up dying somewhere in the process of helping Fitz and the others save the earth in the year 2091. We’ll see.

Speaking of a bad feeling, it’s good that Fitz and Hunter were able to have an honest conversation about Jemma, and Fitz’s worries about the lingering effects of his Framework persona. And while it’s sweet and very Fitz for him not to want any of that darkness in him, the show seems to be leading us to believe that it’s a darn good thing Fitz ‘has it in him.’ Which, I mean, after everything our team has been through, it just makes sense. At least Hunter gave him some very good advice: go to the source, if you want to know why you weren’t sent with your friends. Robin knows he can save them!

Lastly, who is this woman who appears to have replaced poor General Talbot? Is she evil, or just extremely ruthless? I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up being a major factor in the “extinction-level event” Enoch wants to prevent. Especially if she has it in for Daisy, aka the Destroyer of Worlds.

“I love you.”
“I know.”
These guys are perfect.

No new episode next week – happy holidays, everyone. We’ll be back in the new year!

What did you think of Fitz’s side of the story? And who do you think is depicted in Robin’s disturbing picture she gave Fitz? Drop us a comment to let us know.