New Teaser Trailer Released for ‘Stargate: Origins’

Since launching in September 2017, Stargate Command has served as a digital platform for all things Stargate, including access to every film and television series, a forum for fans, and regular updates on the latest Stargate series in nearly ten years, Stargate: Origins. Taking place decades prior to the main events of the original Roland Emmerich-directed film, Origins will show the adventures of a young Catherine Langford, the daughter of the man responsible for discovering the Stargate – an ancient device with the ability to serve as a gateway to other worlds.

The character of Catherine Langford originally appeared in Stargate (1994) played by Viveca Lindfors, and appeared again in the series Stargate SG-1 played by Elizabeth Hoffman. Origins will see Ellie Gall, whose previous acting credits include the series Blind and Ash vs Evil Dead, take up the role of Catherine. Gall will be joined by Connor Trinneer, who will be playing Catherine’s father Professor Langford. Trinneer’s previous credits Star Trek: Enterprise and a handful of episodes of Stargate: Atlantis.

Produced and directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan, Stargate: Origins is set to premiere on Stargate Command February 15th, 2018. Keep in mind, if you’re looking to watch this in February, Stargate Command costs a one-time fee of $20, but not only gives you access to Origins, but the entire Stargate film and television series library and more. Check out the first official teaser trailer for Stargate: Origins below, followed by behind-the-scenes promotional material, and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.