REVIEW: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency S2 Ep10 – Nice Jacket

Dirk very bravely tries to find The Boy (Dylan Schombing) in Blackwing and eventually gets Lt. Assistent (Amitai Marmorstein), Mona Wilder (Alexia Fast), and interestingly, Friedkin to help. Ken turns out to be evil and shoots Dirk. Friedkin, surprisingly, takes care of Ken. And with that, Dirk, Mona, and The Boy finally make it to Wendimore.

At the same time, Suzie Boreton attacks The Rowdy 3, who retaliate by trying to suck the energy out of her wand. It doesn’t quite work, but it does damage the wand enough so that Todd can give Suzie a talking to, which leads to a fight between awesome air gun and magic wand. Amanda holds the portal open long enough for The Boy to reappear and defeat Susie Boreton and save Todd.

The Boy’s name turns out to be Francis! I knew that would come back. He has answers for Dirk and Bart. His answers comfort Dirk – he’s a tool to fix the universe, he brings people to where they should be – but Bart only despairs. The Square Boy army fares worse, because Bart fulfills her purpose in the universe and they are all dead as doornails. This doesn’t make her happy, to know her purpose; it makes her feel like a puppet of The Universe. She despairs so much she goes right into Blackwing. Is it right to feel bad for a serial killer? Francis is no match for Suzie Boreton, too. He’s better! Now murderess Suzie is the sole occupant of the train in the sky, powerless and alone.

I did not see Friedkin becoming the hero at Blackwing. I thought for sure he’d be the one stopping Dirk from getting The Boy out of there. And for a moment he did just that. I thought Ken would help. Turns out, I was really, really wrong. Ken’s journey from prisoner to warden is complete. He is scarily competent, so Blackwing is going to be a problem in the future. And I guess Friedkin achieves a kind of redemption by finally being right and helping Dirk. I’m not sure he’s dead, but it also seems like he’s not in a bad place. His injuries are gone and he finally understands what’s going on for once, which is more than you can say for Ken and Mr. Priest (Alan Tudyk).

Todd gets to Farah (Jade Eshete), Tina (Izzie Steele), and Hobbs (Tyler Labine) in time to get them medical attention in his new Amboolents.

Wendimore is restored. Francis has godlike powers and basically resets everything. Panto and Silas get to finally be together, their families get along, and The Mage is gone. And the boogle/beast/witchy cu-cu? (Emily Tennant) gets to hang out in our world! She really did help a lot and even jumped Suzie Boreton. Good for her. I’m sure her presence in this world will only help Dirk and the gang.

This season finale wrapped a lot of plot threads and was pretty satisfying. Good people were rewarded (Everyone lives! Well, the good people in Wendimore did), bad people punished (I’m looking at you Suzie Boreton) or killed (The Mage, Lord Badevil, all of the Square boys, and a good portion of Blackwing), and they finally got to set up an actual detective agency. I’m not sure if they’re coming back for another season, but I’m hoping they’ll do another just so they can actually fulfill the promise of their title.

Dirk finally got confirmation that he’s not a puppet, but he has an important purpose in the universe. But Bart feels like she’s just a weapon and pulls back like when she just sat in jail. Except this time she doesn’t have Panto to help her. Just Ken. And he doesn’t understand, of course, what’s going on, but his desire to control Bart and the others from Blackwing comes from a very dark place. They want to be the ones who bring The Universe under their control, and I have a feeling The Universe will put up a fight. And besides, when a psychopath likes working for you, you have to wonder about your agenda. They’re basically doing the same thing Suzie Boreton tried, to remake the world they way they want it to be.

I hope they’ve been picked up for another season. This is show is quirky and fun and deserves another story. I, for one, want to see how they all fix the fabric of reality.



Loved the Mandelbrot eyes on everyone in the “backstage of reality,” but why were Friedkin’s eyes red? Maybe because he was bleeding to death?

Hey, Ken has a last name. And he is a pretty good spin doctor here. No wonder he survived.

Did anyone pick up The Mage’s wand? No? Huh. Well, looks like Amanda has Suzie Boreton’s wand and Todd has the awesome air gun.

It’s a weird feeling when you are rooting for someone to kill. But that’s the way I feel with Bart. It’s so sad to see her not killing anyone.

Will every season end with our heroes recovering in the hospital? At least local law enforcement stayed alive this time.

Hobbs is, as always, the best. I’m really going to miss him and Tina next season, but I don’t see how they can be written into a whole new adventure. And Tina did end up being a good cop!

I feel like the medics at Blackwing could have done a better job patching up Mr. Priest’s face. I’m just a tiny bit sorry I laughed when he appeared.


“Snap into it! I’m here and I’m not panicking so that means you can’t panic either.”

“Knowing where I’m going, without knowing how I’m knowing, is sort of my thing.”

“Can you turn into a bug?”
“Only emotionally.”

“Taking control of your life is about changing you, not everything else.”

“You wander through out of control situations fumbling everything you touch. But, if you’re here now, there’s a chance this is where you’re meant to stay. And I’ll be damned if I let the debug function of reality walk out on my watch.”

“Who could possibly stop a supernaturally powerful wizard?”
“I knew it before I said it.” I love that they have such faith in her.

“Are you apologizing to me for me saving your life?…That is so you.”

“I thought I was a leaf in the stream of creation…But I’m not….I’m on a wire…I’m a puppet. I’m not even a person. I’m just a weapon.” Someday I hope the universe doesn’t need an assassin and Bart can go back to Wendimore and hang with her friend Panto.

“Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
Cases Solved with Arguable Efficiency” Finally!