REVIEW: The Exorcist, S2 Ep10 – Unworthy

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After an emotionally charged season that built a terrifying psychological thriller from its exorcism story, The Exorcist delivered a shocking season finale that did not pull any punches. Left to its own devices and free from its source material, The Exorcist had its work cut out for it at the start of season two. And yet, it achieved what’s typically impossible for most series based on existing works: crafting a second installment that surpassed its first, bringing so much more to the source material than anyone could have imagined. Rife with genuinely chilling moments, plenty of heart, and mind-blowing twists, the show closed its second season in a daring yet bittersweet finale.

Altogether satisfying, the finale was not without its share of heartbreak. Selflessness and sacrifice were the prevailing themes, materializing throughout the narrative in different ways. It was also an episode of partings, either temporary or otherwise. Through everything, its strongest ties—the bond of family—offered an enduring glimmer of hope.

There was a lot to pack into this hour. The last episode, “Ritual and Repetition,” stacked the deck against its characters, so “Unworthy” saw them trying to fight their way out toward a resolution. At last the different storylines meet, and so do our three exorcists. We get a Mouse and Marcus reunion 20 years in the making, and it’s just as fiery as one would expect. Marcus isn’t exactly thrilled to see her, though it comes from a place of concern, as he’d never wanted her to lead the kind of life he does. Mouse, meanwhile, isn’t happy that Marcus left her during her exorcism when she needed him most.

the exorcist s2 ep10 tomas

As explosive and interesting as their conversation is, there are more pressing issues at hand, Tomas reminds them. For Mouse, they exist outside of Andy’s world, where the stakes are higher. She wants this demon dead—quickly. She doesn’t harbor any emotional investment in this case like Tomas and Marcus. But they remain firm in their stance that they’re going to do everything they can to save Andy, even when the walls are closing in. Mouse surrenders her gun, if only to play nice so that she can gain their help in the greater war.

There’s a great interlude between the chaos happening back on the island where Rose and the kids are on a boat to the mainland. Though around them the weather is raging, they’re all lost in traumatized silence, each of them attempting to cope with what they’ve just been through. The thousand-yard stare on Rose’s face is telling; maybe she already knows this will have a messy outcome. But it’s the moment that Shelby and Verity share that makes this scene so poignant. All season long their opposing views on religion have clashed, though Shelby has always been there for guidance. So when Verity is the one to suggest prayer, despite the fact that she doesn’t believe in it wholeheartedly, it feels like a beautiful conclusion to that arc. It’s okay not to believe, Shelby reassures her. Sometimes you just need something to get you through even if you don’t understand it.

The episode then gives us one of the coolest exorcism scenes of the series, with three exorcists teaming up against one powerful demon. The demon is up to its usual tricks, but there’s something enthralling about Mouse, Marcus, and Tomas speaking as one united front. Even with another exorcist in their arsenal, it doesn’t seem to be working. They’re running out of options, and Andy’s made it clear that he’s keeping the demon at bay so they can kill it. But Tomas isn’t willing to go that route, especially with the police breathing down their necks. He already feels guilty for showing weakness, for allowing the demon to roam free, using Andy to terrorize the island. He offers to use his unique gift even if it might cost him his soul and ultimately his life.

It’s a decision he makes without a second thought, a show of bravery that Marcus doesn’t agree with. “I don’t want to lose you,” Marcus tells him in the one of the many heart wrenching scenes throughout the finale. The emotional buildup of their relationship this season has led to this single moment between them. Marcus needs to finally trust in Tomas’ ability and Tomas, in turn, needs approval from him. He knows Marcus will bring him back. Despite their disagreements, they’ve earned each other’s trust.

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Tomas ventures into Andy’s mindscape where he finds Andy beating back the manifestation of the demon with a baseball bat. Andy has been through the ringer and then some, fighting a demon that only grows stronger whenever it returns. He can’t fight for much longer. And what’s left in the outside world for him if he survives? He’s done so much emotional and physical damage to his family that he doesn’t see himself coming back from that. But Tomas isn’t ready to give up on him. It’s incredible that through everything, Tomas absolutely refuses to give up on Andy.

Back on the outside, Mouse reveals her endgame: she wants to let Tomas use his gifts in the war against the demons currently ravaging the Church. She believes Tomas is the only way forward in this uphill battle; Marcus’ old ways aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s a hard truth for Marcus to accept, especially as he’s just let Tomas engage with the demon at great personal risk. But what’s more is that they’re potentially facing a future where their job is on the brink of extinction, and the methods Marcus has been using for nearly his whole life have been rendered useless. It doesn’t exactly help the self-doubt he’s grappled with this season.

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