REVIEW: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency S2 Ep9 – Trouble Is Bad

Bart (Fiona Dourif) tries to find a happy ending, Amanda (Hannah Marks), Todd (Elijah Wood), Dirk (Samuel Barnett), and the Rowdy 3 team up, Ken (Mpho Koaho) figures things out in Blackwing, and we finally find Sheriff Hobbs (Tyler Labine)!

Poor Project Moloch, or The Boy (Dylan Schombing). Just making Wendimore put him in a coma shorted out the entire town (the ’67!). And now we see why Arnold Cardenas felt guilty about betraying his brother.

Bart and Panto (Christopher Russell) team up in cowboy hats and boots and meet up with Mr. Priest (Alan Tyduk) on their way to Wendimore. Bart makes her own decisions and rejects Ken’s request to go back to Blackwing. Good for her. And Panto shows Blackwing why he’s the best swordsman (scissorman?) in Wendimore. Panto and Silas (Lee Majdoub) have a lovely reunion in Wendimore, which is just shortly before they and everyone they love is killed. Bart still has the chainsaw and is not happy that her dear friend Panto has been shot. This is where Bart embraces her holistic assassin abilities fully. I feel sorry for the Square boy army.

Ken lets Friedkin (Dustin Milligan) know who’s the boss of Blackwing and handles Mona Wilder (Alexia Fast), a holistic actress, very well. (She tries to strangle Friedkin, and who could blame her?). But the Square Boys have traveled over to this side and they have orders to kill everyone. I love how Ken figures everything out from just reading the files. (Reading is fundamental!). He knows the Wendimore encroachment is after The Boy, or Project Moloch.

Farah (Jade Eshete) and Tina (Izzie Steele) continue to fight against The Mage (John Hannah) to save Sheriff Hobbs, despite not having any magic and being somewhat hobbled by his magic wand already. I’m not sure why The Mage just didn’t off them since he had the advantage, but this works for me. All props to Farah for shooting only to disarm as she’s being controlled by The Mage and emptying her clip before he could control her. And in the end, Farah continues to be a badass and a dead shot, even when someone else is holding the gun. Maybe she’s a holistic marksman? All three of the good guys have been shot and may die, but The Mage is quite definitely gone.

Susie Boreton, however, is still in play and is really turning out to be just all-out evil. There is no one around who can really challenge her power and she even sends Lord Badevil (Christian Sloan) and the Square Knights over to Blackwing via a portal to get rid of The Boy and everyone else. Which is not great for Dirk and Ken, who are over there. (Do we care about Friedkin? I guess, sorta? I feel like Mona will be fine. She can turn into an aircraft carrier and kill everyone so there’s that).

Amanda, Dirk, Todd, The Rowdy 3, Silas, and the boogle (or witchy-coo-coo) escape from Susie Boreton with the help of Wygar Oak, with an act of loyalty and bravery that Susie Boreton does not appreciate. During their escape, Todd discovers what’s so great about pararibulitis and the Brotzman siblings have to work together. Dirk and Todd want to storm Blackwing with The Rowdy 3 to retrieve The Boy, with Amanda holding open the portal. But it turns out Dirk has to go alone. In a place where he was imprisoned and where lots of mayhem is going on with the Square boys taking over. But Dirk bravely jumps in.

Dirk, the Hero! Compare this behavior with his running around in the House Within a House and you’ll notice he’s grown. Todd and Amanda have made up and are working together. Having superpowers in a dire situation probably helps smooth over family issues. Did you notice Todd mentioning how they have to help Wendimore because of Susie Boreton? That’s progress, Todd. Bart, presumably, goes back to being the holistic assassin that she is. Farah and Tina have saved Hobbs and defeated The Mage, and I can’t believe I have to wait another week to find out how Dirk saves the day. Maybe then they’ll all have embraced their roles in The Universe.


Friedkin kicks it. Nobody likes a willfully ignorant whiner, Friedkin. No one. Also, learn to read!

Ken, who is not totally evil, helps Dirk with Mona’s help. But stays behind with Rapunzel. (Someone has to look after the dog).

The Rowdy 3 and Bart team up against Susie Boreton and the Square boys.

I have a feeling The Boy will be able to restore not just the people of Wendimore, but also the people in our world. Farah, Tina, and Hobbs will be just fine. Scott-Toad and his dad will be un-entranced and just fine. Let’s hope they can wake up The Boy, too. (Silas even tells his mother to wake up. Maybe that phrase has been subconsciously placed all over there).

The Boy was the infant in the “Infant, Male, Pollack, Francis,” so I’m guessing that’s what his name is, and he fell asleep after he was born, manifested a boat and the words on his hospital crib, and landed in Bergsberg. Why Bergsberg? Is there a Pollack family somewhere missing a boy? Should I start calling him Frank?


Bart just liked the chainsaw.

Mr. Priest warned all of you Blackwing dudes. Next time, listen to your superior and you may end up keeping both of your arms.

Ken is a pretty cold guy to Friedkin, which makes me think he’s going evil, but I’m still hoping he stays on the good side.

That boogle (or witchy-cu-cu) is very helpful. I hope she gets a happy ending.

Wygar Oak (Aleks Paunovic) goes out with a great act of bravery that gives Silas, Dirk, and Amanda pause. Did Dirk think he could help by going back? Todd had to drag him and Amanda away.

I just realized this, but I guess Dirk gets a jacket in every world he’s in.

The Mage thinks that blowing up the house will cut off Wendimore, but he doesn’t know that Amanda and Vogel crossed over from the Cardenas motel. He’s wrong as well as being evil. Also, how did the Kellum truck crossover? No one ever explained that.


“Verily, I am a normal man. Of this world, much like yourself.” Very convincing, Panto!

“I got a lake.”

“If you can get me and the Rowdy 3 in. We’ll be like a super action boy strike team.”

“I heard about you. Your mom’s an asshole.” You’re not wrong, Bart.

“No one in Wendimore can defeat me!”
“You’re not in Wendimore!” I cheered at this.

“I got nothing but rocks up here.”
“No one makes me scared of laughter!” I love the little asides from The Rowdy 3.

“Don’t panic.”