REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E3 – A Life Spent

If you thought things looked bleak at the end of last week’s episode … well, okay, a few things are better this week. But not that many. And if you thought the Framework was pretty dark … well, of course it was, but this “future dystopian horror show” (in Coulson’s words) is getting at least as grim I’d say.

So do all the Inhumans at the Lighthouse go through something like this? Poor Abby. Poor Jemma.

Let’s start with Simmons. I love the way the show portrays her doing her best to observe everything she can even under the creepy limitations Kasius has forced on her. And of course, as Kasius’s female companion pointed out with great scorn, Jemma still has her compassion. Unfortunately that compassion means poor, naive young Inhuman Abby gets sold to a different cruel master, after being victorious in a bloody gladiator-style fight. Sidenote: who are these humanoids with the red eyes, whom the Kree seem to at least grudgingly treat as equals? Would I know that if I knew the comics?

I’m guessing I’m not the only one who saw the Inhuman gladiator fight and immediately wondered if Daisy was going to end up in that situation at some point. Maybe we don’t know that for sure by the end of the episode, but it seems very likely. Unless Kasius has something else devious planned for “the destroyer of worlds.” Also come on, Deke and Kasius. At maximum, Quake has (allegedly) only destroyed one world. So she should be called “destroyer of world,” or “of Earth.” Strive for more accurate terrifying nicknames, okay?

Which leads us to Daisy’s foolhardy attempt to rescue Simmons. I think there was probably a happy medium between her one-person charging-ahead idea and Deke’s long game. Now we just have to see what the results of said long game are. It’s far too obvious of a ‘plot twist’ for Deke to have actually sold Daisy out. In some number of episodes, I’m sure he’ll have worked out a cunning strategy for saving Daisy and Jemma. Not that they’ll necessarily need his help by then, resourceful as they are.

I’ll readily admit to a bit of squee at the Philinda scene on the trawler. It was good that they had that little moment together. And yeah, May and the others definitely deserve some time to rest after all this is over… Too bad history would say they won’t get it.

Glad this wasn’t stupidity on Yo-Yo’s behalf, but actual recon. That’s the Mack we know and love.

Now for the discovery of the radio: this is clearly, somehow, all Fitz’s doing. And speaking of Fitz, when do we get to see his side of things? It better be soon. Meanwhile, though, I enjoyed the way they reused that time-jump scene from last year’s finale to show us what Coulson, May, Yo-Yo, Mack, and Tess are all up to. Who wants to start betting on which of them will be the first to go down to the planet’s surface?

Did you enjoy this week’s episode as much as the season premiere? Is this shaping up to be the darkest season yet? Let us know in the comments!