Watch “The X-Files” Stars Hint At Their Characters’ Relationship

The official social media accounts for The X-Files have released a teasing video featuring stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, discussing their characters’ complex and ever-changing relationship.

Of course they can’t give any firm answers about the status of that relationship in the upcoming season, though. As we know, the series is notorious for not allowing much in the way of plot spoilers – and for usually refusing to state anything definitive about the Mulder/Scully relationship. But at least we do find out that David Duchovny thinks the two agents were married in I Want To Believe. And moreover, Gillian Anderson does at least take the opportunity to put to rest any (foolishly, I would say) remaining speculation that the characters have never had sex. I have to say, even though I’m still nervous about the quality of season 11 after the unevenness of season 10, it’s reassuring that the chemistry between Anderson and Duchovny never seems to fade!

Watch the video below to find out what is and isn’t revealed, and then tell us your thoughts in the comments. Season 11 of The X-Files premieres January 3rd at 8:00pm on FOX.