REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S8 Ep7 – Time For After

One more episode before the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead and the focus shifted to Eugene, Rick and the trash people, and the Saviors.

Another relatively quiet episode, probably trying to be the calm before the storm. Though a lot of time was spent with one of the show’s more unlikable characters (at least, in my opinion), it wasn’t too bad.

Eugene, who had been on some road of redemption in the last season, lapsed back into his cowardly, verbose self when he was welcomed by Negan in the community of the Saviors. He enjoys a privileged life even while the idea that he betrayed people he considered his friends continues to nag at him.

There’s a real crisis of conscience there and he struggles as loyalties tear at him. He is aware of Dwight’s complicity with Rick and the others but will he rat them out? He also shares some solemn scenes with Gabriel (who is still alive somehow) and then some tense talks with Negan himself, who has bounced back admirably despite the compound still being surrounded by walkers.

Meanwhile, we caught up with Rick who had been imprisoned nearly naked by the horrible trash people. Again, it begs the question why he went back to them in the first place, after their betrayal last time. There are other communities out there in the world of The Walking Dead so really, Rick should not be so desperate as to seek an alliance with people who live in trash and speak in such an unnecessarily cryptic way. This episode was basically filled with two annoying linguistic patterns: Eugene’s verbosity and the garbage people’s succinct weirdness. Daryl and the others also had some plans or others with the Saviors.

Morgan’s back as a sniper, competent and deadly as ever, somehow not as unhinged as the last time we saw him. He’s still working hard for the cause. It’s interesting to see Morgan still in action, especially after the announcement that he will be the crossover character who will be playing a major role in Fear The Walking Dead next season. I’m still not sure how he’ll fit in that show and what time period it will be set in or even how Morgan found his way to that part of the country. But it certainly is intriguing and I can’t wait to see how it will play out.

I’m not that thrilled about this season of The Walking Dead so far, as the story has been long drawn out, sometimes unnecessarily so, but hopefully next week’s mid-season finale will keep us hooked until the show returns next year.