INTERVIEW: Tom Ellis and Tom Welling Preview What’s Next on Lucifer

Have you recovered from the last heart-pounding episode of Lucifer yet? Because the two Toms are here to prepare you for what comes next. At a Lucifer press event a few weeks ago, Ellis and Welling sat down to discuss the dirt on Deckerstar, the Sinnerman, and Lieutenant Pierce’s ever-changing agenda.

When your man has more secrets than the devil.

First thing you have to know is that as good as “The Sinnerman” was? “Next episode’s even better than this one,” Tom Welling promised. As for what the deal is with Marcus Pierce, man of mystery? “He isn’t who he is,” Welling warned cryptically. “There’s a bigger arc [for him]. There might be more than one.” One of the most pivotal scenes for his character development – not to mention his interest in Chloe – occurred in the latest episode. The scene in the car where he revealed more about the loss of his brother and how it connects to the Sinnerman will be incredibly important moving forward, according to Welling. “There’s a lot of information in that scene, which I think if you were to really watch it, you really get a sense of [Marcus].”

“They’re connected,” Welling continued, referring to the Lieutenant and Detective’s bond. “She lost her father in the line of duty, and she thinks that he’s lost his brother somehow.” Perhaps there’s something in Pierce’s wording that lends itself to ambiguity? Might the brother not be dead, but rather his goodness was “killed” by the Sinnerman or else he’s somehow become dead to Marcus? Either way, there’s plenty of secrets and mysteries left to be revealed about his character and backstory.

Lucifer’s getting in touch with his human side.

Even as Chloe grows closer to Marcus, the fiery dynamic between herself and Lucifer remains as present as ever. “We really earn some big moments this season,” Ellis teased about the Deckerstar romance. He and Lauren German had just filmed an important scene that very day which he couldn’t wait for the fans to see. “It’s going to make a lot of people very happy,” he promised. As Lucifer grows into his humanity, his relationship with Chloe becomes more and more interesting, so we can’t wait to see where they go next.

But romance isn’t all that’s in store on Lucifer, seeing as the Devil just had the eye-gouging shock of his life this week. “He’s pretty shook,” Ellis revealed about Lucifer’s mind-set after being witness to the gruesome scene at the police station. “But he’s playing it off in typical Lucifer fashion.” Nevertheless, he will be determined to learn the truth behind the Sinnerman. Ellis echoed Welling’s earlier sentiments regarding the midseason finale, saying, “The episode after the one we just watched is my favorite of the season.”

The midseason finale of Lucifer – fittingly titled “The Sin Bin” – airs next Monday, December 11th at 8/7c on Fox.