REVIEW: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency S2 Ep8 – Little Guy, Black Hair

Dirk (Samuel Barnett) has to save Todd (Elijah Wood) and Amanda (Hannah Marks), Ken (Mpho Koaho) takes more and more control of Blackwing, Farah (Jade Eshete) and Tina (Izzie Steele) team up, and we finally find out where Sheriff Hobbs (Tyler Labine) has been.

We finally find out what happened that fateful night when Mrs. Cardenas (Franscoise Robertson) killed Mr. Cardenas (Sergio Osuna). I just want to mention that they picked a great kid actor to play young Arnold Cardenas (Hunter Dillon). He really looked like Tony Amendola. He even did a lot of the same nose flare.

Ken is slowly taking charge of Blackwing, while Friedkin (Dustin Milligan) spins out of control. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Friedkin here, since he has basically killed good people and still refuses to read the files where he would get all of the information he needs. Ken would be better at heading up Blackwing, but I don’t like the path to evil he seems to be walking down. The fact that Mr. Priest (Alan Tudyk) is ok with him is probably not a good sign. Ken gives us the lowdown on Mona Wilder and surprisingly figures out a lot of which we already know. He knows Mona is the stress doll.

Farah and Deputy Tina Tevetino meet up again and join forces. I love that Tina just took the job to hang out with her best friend, Sheriff Hobbs, and is lost without him. The two go to the Boreton house. They find an entranced Bob (John Stewart) sitting in front of a TV, with The Mage (John Hannah) and Susie Boreton (Amanda Walsh) on it speaking to Bob and, eventually, to Farah and Tina. Creepy. Farah figures out that they need to shoot the TV and Tina figures out how to communicate with Bob. I love this team up. Farah’s a badass and Tina is enthusiastic, but I’m not sure how they’ll both do against magic. Still, they soldier on. Finally someone is looking for Hobbs!

Todd and Amanda Brotzman are in chains and are going to be executed because Frija Dengdamor (Karin Konoval) doesn’t believe them and thinks they’re spies for the Trosts and The Mage. This reunion doesn’t start out great between the siblings, but once Todd confesses that he has pararibulitis and that he’s been trying to make things right with her, they start getting along. And some cathartic slapping helps, too. Todd thought if he could find Dirk and Amanda, then his life would go back to normal. Todd’s life pre-Dirk didn’t seem that great, but I bet he’d have a lot more interesting things to do if they had an actual detective agency. Still waiting on that show; I mean, it’s in the title.

This whole season nearly all of the main characters have been trying to figure out their place in The Universe. Dirk rebelled against his weird connection to the fabric of reality and tried to do things like “normal” detectives. Bart withdrew into her jail cell and refused to do anything. Farah didn’t feel like she was good enough to help anyone. Amanda denied her magical abilities in favor of diplomacy. Even Ken was stymied by Blackwing. But now, Dirk has figured out the mystery and saved Todd and Amanda, Bart finally left the jail with Panto (presumably), and Farah and Tina took control by being the badass duo that they are and went after Susie Boreton. (I love that those two go after Susie Boreton and The Mage even though they know they can’t fight magic). And even though Amanda hasn’t quite accepted her place as a magical witchy cu-cu, at least she and Todd reconcile. (Her last attempt to appeal to Frija gets them nowhere). And Ken, well, it looks like Ken is going to take over Blackwing. I’m hoping that turns out to be a good thing. It’s certainly better than Friedkin being in charge.

This show doesn’t usually go for the action scenes, and if they do it’s mostly Farah fighting, so it’s nice to see Dirk getting into a scissor fight, however awkward both of the fighters are. The more accomplished fight with Wygar and The Rowdy 3 and the boogle (or witchy cu-cu) was a nice contrast from the Dirk/Silas comedy fight. It was a delightful escape and the long “here’s what happened” speech from Dirk was great. If only Susie Boreton hadn’t been listening.


Aha! Project Moloch is the boy! Now the problem is how to get him to Wendimore, where presumably he’ll wake up? My guess is Amanda will open a portal. But then the problem is getting out. I have a feeling Ken will be trying to stop this. Ken, don’t be evil. Also, Bart is due for a massacre soon.


The Dengdamor method of execution caught me by surprise. I thought they’d just cut off their heads, but no, they would have cut their entire bodies in half. Yikes. But the Dunce caps were hilarious.

The boogle (or witchy cu-cu) who is in love with Dirk is adorable and she turns out to be very useful. At least Dirk apologizes for running away from her.

Poor Scott-Toad, just forlornly sitting on the floor in the house.

That slap fight with the Brotzmans was pretty funny, and we also got the terrible scissor fight with Silas and Dirk. Silas is a really terrible swordsman. Or scissorman?

The “bleeding” eyes from Susie Boreton were appropriately creepy.

Hold the scissor blade from the blunt end, Dirk!

Tina taking Scott’s drugs sounds about right for Tina.

The title “Little guy, black hair” is Vogle’s description of Amanda.


“Top O’ the morning to you guv’nr. I be being a normal man in this place here. Ahoy, y’all!” Dirk’s got to work on that Irish accent.

“Well, that look like a, a normal thing to me, compadre. Yo como la ventana, tu eres mi madre.” I don’t know why he didn’t just go with his normal voice, which sounds just fine in this world.

“I did not sign up for this murdery acid trip Renfaire nightmare.” It is a nightmare, Todd, good catch.

“Her cardio has got to be legendary!”

“You’re the one who drove off with a bunch of magic homeless dudes.”

“Hey, it’s that British guy from that thing that one time.” I bet Dirk gets this a lot.

“The Chaos ends today.” Then, the Rowdy 3 show up. Nice.

“It is I who is having to be, being the brave one.”

“I love Bivit.” Aw. Laughed out loud at that one.

“Any boyfriend of Panto’s is someone I might meet in another dimension.”

“Done. Did it. (Snap) I’m making it a thing. Did it. (Snap)”