REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E2 – Orientation Part 2

Well, well. The second part of the season five premiere was even more intense than the first.

I’m liking Tess so far – and I’m glad she’s on our team’s side.

Our SHIELD team, I must say, didn’t do super great at staying under the radar in this ep, even though Deke encouraged them to do so repeatedly. I mean, I know you guys were all just transferred to the apocalyptic future via Monolith, but c’mon. You’re also SHIELD agents. As a result of not blending in, Coulson, Mack, and Elena are now in the service of the very not-trustworthy Grill, May’s by herself with Tess, and Jemma’s been made into a mostly deaf servant of Kasius, the Kree leader. Great. Great work, everyone. Okay, yeah, there are a lot of extenuating circumstances, but dang. You guys are in a lot of trouble.

At least Daisy is in less trouble. However, we didn’t really get to see much of her reaction to Deke’s reveal that (he thinks at least) Quake was responsible for the world blowing apart. That’s … pretty heavy. Of course, he fully admits he doesn’t know all of the history, but he knows more than anyone else at the Lighthouse (which is the name of the place the remaining humans live now). So I hope Daisy’s smart enough not to just take on all that guilt without at least seeing if she can find out if it’s true. Also, it’s interesting for the Framework to be back in this way. No wonder Daisy obviously sees some of herself in Deke, if Deke’s smart enough to reconstruct the Framework as much as he has. Plus there’s the fact that he’s a resourceful, suspicious loner who wants to protect himself, much like Daisy could be back when she was Skye.

Some favorite moments: I loved Jemma and May working together at the beginning of the ep to get the Trawler working again. The way this team all knows each other’s strengths and cooperates so well? Just makes me happy. On a similar note, May hugging Yo-Yo when they all reunite was sweet and heartfelt. Not to mention positively effusive coming from May!

I have to admit, I’m still not entirely clear on the concept of a “renewal.” Is it the Kree’s attempt at human population control? I guess everyone’s metric tells the Kree if they have enough “credits” to be allowed to survive? And then if they don’t, it’s a free-for-all until enough people have been killed, it seems like. I don’t really get how it’s determined that enough have died. Maybe it’s a Kree thing.

Kasius isn’t wrong that she’s gorgeous, but I like her much better without the Kree gold paint and white priest outfit.

And speaking of Kree. Oh, man, are they creepy (Kree-py?). The way the Kree woman kills with those disturbing spinning iron orbs… The way Kasius demands perfection from his servants… And of course, the way Jemma has been made into one of said servants! Chilling. But she’ll land on her feet, right? She’s Jemma. She’s been through worse and come out on top.

Somehow I’m guessing it’s going to be a long wait until next week…

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