REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S5E1 – Orientation Part 1

Guys, guys, guys! In case you missed it (somehow), Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is finally back – and so far it’s totally worth the wait.

Deke starts to realize something’s verrry different about Coulson. (Image courtesy ABC/Jennifer Clasen)

In the first part of the season opener, we pick up right where we left off, with the team being captured by a mysterious group of people. This time, however, we get a heck of a lot more details, and a lot more questions as a result. I’m quite intrigued and confused as to who it was who actually took them all – except Fitz! Who was the leader, the guy in the suit? He’s not human, we know that much. And why was Fitz “not on the list”? And where did this time-travel monolith come from? Is it the same one that sent Jemma to Maveth? (Perhaps some of these questions are answered in Part Two. Stay tuned).

Having the team (sans Fitz) show up separately was an interesting choice. Poor May, though. I guess the odds were that at least one of them would end up impaled with that kind of travel, but I have to think a grubby space station overrun by Kree would bring a high risk of infection. Loved Daisy showing up just in time to blast the roach to smithereens. Loved everyone listening to Mack’s wise advice and not splitting up to be picked off one by one. Also, I think you guys did look cool walking down that corridor together, Coulson. A little ridiculous, sure, but you all are so awesome that a bit of ridiculous only adds to your coolness. Or something. Another favorite scene: Daisy, Mack, and Elena taking out the two Kree. Awww yeah.

I was kind of sad to see Virgil get killed so soon. I mean, sure, he wasn’t one of the new characters we know are going to be a key part of the SHIELD-in-space arc, but as Coulson said, he at least deserved to finish a few more sentences. Plus, I would have liked to hear what he had to say about that tantalizing postcard from Fitz.

“Oh my God! It was Earth all along! You maniacs!”

And speaking of that postcard, while the revelation that they’re all in the post-(Kree-caused, we assume)-apocalyptic future of Earth wasn’t super surprising, it was still well done. How each part of the team reached that conclusion was great. I’m also very favorably impressed with Jeff Ward’s portrayal of Deke so far. I’ll go out on a limb and predict he’ll be firmly on SHIELD’s side by the end of the arc – but only on his own terms, of course. He seems kind of Jayne-ish in that way so far (though a lot smarter than Jayne).

Now, on to Part Two!