INTERVIEW: Ever Carradine Talks Marvel’s Runaways

Ready to watch Hulu’s new series, Marvel’s Runaways? First catch up with Ever Carradine (Janet Stein) as she discusses her character, TV motherhood, and all that Marvel secrecy!

Carradine’s character, Janet Stein, isn’t like some of the other members of The Pride, the super-villain cabal at the center of the Marvel’s Runaways. She explained, “Well Janet Stein, well she doesn’t seem to be offering anything. She’s not building anything. She’s not the brains. But she is the rock behind (her husband) Victor Stein. What you get to see a little bit, in some of the show’s use of flashback, you might see Janet’s pretty smart in her own right. And was going places in school but gave that up to be Mrs. Victor Stein and support him. And I think the pride, they are all stuck together. They’ve painted themselves into a corner and they’ve got to work it out and stick together.”

Much of Janet Stein life’s revolves around her husband Victor and her son, Chase. Motherhood is something Carradine has tapped into with this character.

“Chase has a complicated relationship with his father so I think she’s much more of a rock to him and a consistent source of love and support,” she offered. And that complicated relationship is a source of strain and conflict for Janet. “I think the interesting thing for me about Janet is her job in trying to keep her family together really because…she can’t leave Victor and she’s not going to leave her son so it’s a constant battle of making the best out of a very complicated and terrible situation, if that makes sense.”

Ever Carradine (center) as Janet Stein.

More than just an action show, Marvel’s Runaways is rooted in relationships and the parent/child conflict. “I think every parent’s job is to prepare their children to be able to go forth into the world, and as a parent you want to have faith you did a good job and your kids can make good decisions and go off on their own. And right as that is happening, these children are looking at their parents, and I think all children idolize their parents, and they’re learning their parents aren’t everything they thought that they were. And that makes for really good television.”

An important aspect of Marvel’s Runaways is The Pride and the ritualistic elements of the group. Ever Carradine loves the robes, and the pomp and circumstance. “Oh my gosh. It’s awesome. We’re all in this weird long black underwear that are cut out so you can’t see them through the robes. After like eight hours you sort of forget you’re in the robes and you walk to the bathroom and your pal walks by and you just nod at each other and you both realize you’re both in these weird red robes. It’s funny how quickly it becomes natural and how quickly you forget. But they’re synthetic, they don’t breathe a lot.”

Joining the Marvel family can be daunting. But Carradine found the most complicated thing to be the technology. “I mean like the biggest challenge was like trying to put the Marvel email on my iPad with the password and the passcodes. And there’s a lovely man at Marvel IT who all of the parents, all of the Pride, has to call him and all the kids are like, here, let me fix that for you. So that was super challenging,” she laughed. “Keeping my mouth shut, I learned that very quickly, so that’s fine. No, I mean – Marvel…it feels very much like a family. It doesn’t feel like you’re going to your big scary friends’ house. It feels like you’re being invited and you should be there.

The first four episodes of Marvel’s Runaways are available now through Hulu’s streaming service.