REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S8 Ep6 – The King, The Widow, and Rick

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead gave us a bit of a breather after several consecutive chapters focused on war and carnage, but boy did it slog on. While we finally got screen time with some characters who have been out of the action for a while (Michonne, Rosita), there was a rehash of a lot of the familiar, frustrating beats, moral dilemmas that should be clear-cut by now, and the introduction of a couple of new characters.

There was also the return of the horrible garbage people. Why Rick decided to seek their help after they consistently proved their treacherousness is beyond me. Most people who watched this episode agree. Why the garbage people? Rick and co. can’t be so desperate for allies now, when they’ve already managed to have the sanctuary surrounded by a herd.

I’m hoping he has some bigger picture plan in mind, because he ends this episode as their prisoner and the timing really could not be worse. But, ugh, having to see the trash people and listen to their weird, telegraphic way of talking was enough to get one out of the episode.

Meanwhile, Michonne and Rosita went on a helpful mission, with the latter killing a guy with a missile launcher. There were some tense moments and some good action. Later on, the two met up with Daryl and Tara, who are on a mission of their own. I really don’t see the point of them making sure that the Saviors are defeated completely, especially when it seems like there’s a small likelihood that anyone will be escaping the Sanctuary alive. And Daryl is acting more impulsively than ever, determined to kill Dwight, when, annoying as the latter is, he has proven to be a valuable spy to Rick and the others. Once again, there is a dearth of logic to this season of The Walking Dead.

Then there’s the trouble at the Hilltop, with Jesus determined to spare the lives of the Saviors they captured, much to Maggie’s dismay. They end up just locking the people up in a pen along with Gregory (finally!), so that he can stop being the slimy traitor that he is. Maggie has some plains for them as bargaining chips and in this episode, she is the only one of the titular leaders who is acting sensibly.

Back on the Kingdom, Ezekiel is moping alone (and still dramatically) in his auditorium/throne room while Carol tries to talk some sense into him. But he is still shaken by the great loss of his people (and of Shiva) from the previous fight that he can’t find it in himself to put up the act once more. Hopefully, he gets out of this funk soon.

Meanwhile, Carl makes a new friend in the guy Rick chased away back in the season premiere. Carl finds Siddiq, who proves to be quite good at killing walkers and they bond over this. It’s hardly the time to introduce new characters on The Walking Dead but the show is determined to do so anyway.

So, the action is at a bit of a standstill while everyone figures out what to do next. Let’s hope things pick up next week.