REVIEW: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency S2 Ep7 – This Is Not Miami

Dirk (Samuel Barnett) gives up and then solves the mystery. Amanda (Hannah Marks) and Todd (Elijah Wood) try to do things their way, and it ends in tragedy. Lovely people die, harsh words are spoken, and war is on the horizon.

The Cardenas’ must have had a weird time bringing up the Infant, Male, Pollack, Francis. Every dream, including nightmares, seems to have come true, including Flying Purple People Eaters.

I, for one, am glad to see that Dirk and Todd aren’t hanging upside down in the Murphy bed in the wall. On the other hand, Dirk has decided to give up because people around him keep getting killed. Not a bad reason, really, but not helpful at all. Todd has had enough of the pity party Dirk has going on and is all out of the pep talks. Especially since he just teleported into a fairy tale world from an abandoned house, the very fairy tale world he knows Amanda is in. And he goes off to find her by himself.

Speaking of Amanda, she’s trying to stop the war using diplomacy instead of magic and prophecies. This ends badly, just like Todd’s adventuring on his own. This time Dirk is not even around and people die. So maybe it’s not all about you, Dirk.

But Amanda is not uniting anyone here, sadly. Todd and Amanda’s reunion and Dirk Gently’s name bandied about gives hope that maybe things may work out, but Lord Triangle Badevil (Christian Sloan) puts a kink into the works just as things are start looking up.

Worst Mother of the Year award goes to Frija Dengdamor (Karin Konoval). What is going on with the older generation here? Why are they so bent on war? Maybe they’re also under a spell? Because Silas (Lee Majdoub), Panto (Christopher Russell), Farsen (Ajay Friese), and LitziBitz (Anja Savcic) are all against this conflict.

Susie Boreton (Amanda Walsh) shows up, presumably via magic, basically kills anyone who might get in her way, and takes over the Kellum Knights. And The Mage (John Hannah)? How did he let this happen? Is he still thumbtacking Bob back at the house in Bergsberg?

We don’t get a lot from the people left behind: Farah, Deputy Tevetino, Ken, Friedkin, the 4 members of The Rowdy 3, and Sheriff Hobbs. I really want to know what happened to the sheriff and I’m more than a little annoyed that no one has thought to find out. Next episode, hopefully?

I’m guessing The Boy is the Coma Guy from the first episode, Dirk’s former best friend! I do wonder why he’s in a coma and I wonder how they’re going to get him to Wendimore. Amanda maybe? Or maybe Mona Wilder could have skipped all of this rigmarole and just ported Coma Guy to Wendimore?

I was really hoping to see Litzibitz’s crew fight with those cool weapons. I was so waiting for that hammer to fall. Instead, slingshots! Not as cool, but effective, I guess.

Dirk is really very amenable to the witchy-ku-ku who has him on a leash. He calls her “darling” and she does help him solve the mystery. He doesn’t even mind being called “Bivit.”

What are the Rowdy 3 doing while this is going on? I miss those guys.

I laughed out loud at the Chinese finger trap on Todd’s hands.

“It was a portal, Todd. We could be anywhere. For all you know, this could be Miami.”
“There’s a giant magical moon in the sky. Do you see the magical moon? This is not Miami.”
“Stop yelling about Miami, Todd.”
“What other kind of castle-y fairyland could this possibly be?”
“You’re jumping to extradimensional conclusions.”
“I’m jumping — You went from Blackwing to the trunk of a car in Bergsberg.”
“Again, domestic travel.”
I agree with you Todd, this argument of Dirk’s does not work.

“I’m actively regretting every decision that brought me to this moment of life.”

“I’m a house boy! No, I’m not a house boy.”

“You and I will have… puppies or whatever you have, and I’ll just live in the woods. Like a uniquely elegant macho lumberman.” It’s lumberjack, Dirk. I don’t see this future working out for you.

“There’s a good chance that this is all just a drawing.”