CW Drops Full-Length “Crisis on Earth-X” Trailer

After four years, Barry Allen finally got the girl. Seeing as he and Iris West are meant to be wed a week from today, on November 27th during Supergirl, it’s fitting that the official twitter for The Flash released a two-and-a-half minute sneak peek of the crossover event. And while I couldn’t contain my excitement for Westallen to become a hyphenated last name as well as a ship moniker, there are a few pressing details we need to talk about first.

Trigger warning for Nazi imagery below:

As evidenced by the trailer, “Crisis on Earth-X” starts on the most romantic of notes, complete with a rehearsal dinner and a heartwarming toast from proud parental figure Joe West. But the tone quickly changes when literal Nazis from a different Earth crash the festivities, and Harry Wells has to explain that there’s a 53rd Earth where they won World War II. It’s not just the repeated use of the word that’s disturbing, or even the idea that there’s a world where genocide has run rampant and unchecked for nearly a century – no, the problems with this story go a little deeper.

First, both the swastika and schutzstaffel are plastered on outfits and waved in banners throughout the trailer and presumably the episode – in addition to actual concentration camps being included. As much as the creators of DCTV may want to use 1945 Nazism to draw a parallel with real-world events today, the fact that white supremacy and antisemitism are on the rise again might make them want to be more cautious in how they employ related paraphernalia. Second, stills released for “Crisis on Earth-X” reveal that both Felicity and Iris are kidnapped by the Nazis at some point in the crossover. Once again, a Jewish woman and a black woman being under threat by white supremacy is an issue that hits a little too close to home right now. And that’s not even mentioning how it feels to see our heroes (in this case Oliver and Kara) turned into Nazis by circumstances on another Earth.

Obviously we have yet to watch these episodes, and we can assume that the creators – some of whom are Jewish themselves – had the best of intentions when they decided to write “Crisis on Earth-X.” So for now all we can do is hope that the sensitive subject is handled responsibly (unlike when Felicity was thrown into a gas chamber in the same episode that she celebrated Hanukkah), and that Iris West finally gets an uninterrupted wedding.

You can watch the trailer on YouTube here, and let the producers know your thoughts.