At the TCA’s: TBS’s Search Party Returns

A shining star amongst TBS original programming, “Search Party” returns for a second binge-worthy season. At the TCA’s Alia Shawkat (Dory), John Early (Elliott), John Reynolds (Drew), Meredith Hagner (Portia), Brandon Michael Hall (Julian), Michael Showalter (Executive Producer), and Brett Weitz (Executive Vice President, Original Programming, TBS) discussed what’s coming up next on this inventive comedy/mystery/adventure.

Executive Vice Present of Original Programming at TBS Brett Weitz couldn’t stop praising this gem of a show. “A rare blend of a little mystery, a little suspense, and a lot of comedy. Everything about this series has been special since the very beginning, from the way it was initially created, the amazing chemistry of our cast, flawless scripts from our fearless creators that have truly left us on the edge of our seats. And, finally, our decision to air the entire show over one week, making it the most-talked-about binge experience of last year. The layered characters and complex mysteries all led us on a comedy adventure, with a shocking ultimate twist.”

Instead of releasing all on one day like Hulu or Amazon shows, or traditionally over a season, “Search Party” will air with two episodes a week for five weeks, beginning Sunday, November 19th. Controlled release binge-watching for the modern viewer.

So what can we expect from season 2, after season 1 ended with such a shocking jolt? With things spun in a different direction, John Early warned, “It’s very dark this season. But I think very deliberately in the writing put in a lot of like comedic set pieces this season. It’s like chock-full of deeply funny stuff.”

Meredith Hagner added, “There is also so much humor, I think, in like how people deal with something very difficult. And for all of us — all of our characters are dealing with this in kind of like, you know, I think a funny way.”

All the drama of season 2 means “the plot is just like barreling,” offered star Alia Shawkat (Dory) “If this were an episodic show, where we have to create a new 30 minutes every time of like see these characters, this kind of familiar thing we love about them, then that would be an issue. But because the plot, because of what happened in Season 1, it’s just so insane, there’s kind of — there is no choice but to evolve, and to make and to write them differently. So that’s a gift in the storytelling.”

In season 1, five self-absorbed 20-somethings – led by perpetual doormat Dory, became entangled in an ominous mystery when a former college acquaintance suddenly disappears. When we return in season 2, consequences will need to be reckoned with as the search has taken a dark turn.

“Search Party” returns to TBS on November 19th. Check your local listings.