PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #20 – Media Wars

Valerie, Angela, and Tatiana have a whole host of topics this week on Pop A La Carte’s podcast, starting with a Japanese adaptation of Orphan Black (0:30) that’s in the works, along with other remakes. We talk the latest Doctor’s costume (16:43) and then delve straight into the potential Disney-Fox merger (19:02). Speaking of how everything old is new again, we touch on the new Lord of the Rings show for Amazon (26:17) and how much more Star Wars there can be (30:00). Valerie meanwhile recommends a Welsh language film called The Passing (36:10) and the latest season of The Exorcist (39:55). Finally: we hadn’t seen Justice League when we recorded, but we love talking about what we know nothing about! (45:26)

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