REVIEW: The Flash, S4 Ep06 – When Harry Met Harry…

Despite the title, “When Harry Met Harry…,” this week’s episode of The Flash was more about newest team member Ralph Dibny training under Barry and learning what it takes to be a real hero. As for the episode’s title, the subplot of this week’s episode sees Earth -2 Harrison Wells gather other Wells’s from other Earths in attempt to track down and find out who Devoe, a.k.a. The Thinker, truly is.

The Flash and Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man

Dibny in his prototype suit

The newest meta-human to be introduced in “When Harry Met Harry…” is Black Bison, a Native American woman who earns the ability to bring items to life and use them against her enemies. She is all about recovering sacred artifacts from those who don’t understand their true worth and returning them to their rightful owners. In this case, the people of the Sioux tribe.

When we were first privy to who Black Bison was and why she was doing what she was doing, I became a bit worried about the subject matter The Flash was tackling. While Black Bison is in the right, she goes about her actions in the wrong way, even killing one man to get what she needs. The Flash had a chance to portray a Native American character as more than just a ruthless killer out for vengeance, but that was kind of all Black Bison was.

Other than that, The Flash does tackle the subject matter with grace for the most part, shining a light on a real issue in American history. The events also result in a ending that sees Dibny return an artifact to the Sioux reservation himself. Although, this was all part of Dibny’s evolution as a character and not about Black Bison’s possible redemption. Dibny’s evolution does feel like something we’ve seen before, but it makes sense for his character to go through this, considering who he was before. His selfish actions involving him only caring about catching the bad guy and not saving the innocent nearly cost a young girl her life. In the end Dibny learns from his mistakes and is a better man for it.

Like previous episodes this season, “When Harry Met Harry…” isn’t without its laughs. This week’s episode provides plenty of fun and entertainment whether it be from Barry and Dibny’s back-and-forths, or the introduction of the Council of Wells, which is most likely a reference to Rick and Morty‘s “Council of Ricks.” The inclusion of the Council of Wells served as a way of having Harrison Wells actor Tom Cavanagh have some fun and go all out with some new wacky performances of alternate Wells. While some of his accents aren’t perfect, they aim to be humorous, and the characters portrayed are just as ridiculous. Even though the subplot was mostly played for laughs there was a bit of development for Wells also, as he learns to work his other selves, but also sees the faults in his own personality through them.

Barry Allen / The Flash

Just a cool superhero pose

After everything was said and done and Black Bison was successfully put behind bars, the episode concludes with Team Flash finally coming face to face with Devoe. Thanks to the help of the Council of Wells, they learn his location. While the audience has seen the appearance of Devoe since the premiere, this is the first time Team Flash sees him. Wisely, Devoe doesn’t reveal himself in his full Thinker getup, but rather as an unassuming, wheelchair-bound man. This leads to a shocker for Team Flash as they find out the man that is possibly a threat to them comes off as very nonthreatening.

Despite tackling some sensitive subject matter, “When Harry Met Harry…” was another fun and funny addition to The Flash‘s fourth season. The episode provided plenty of laughs and superhero action, and also improved on the character of Ralph Dibny, who has yet to be called the Elongated Man. My only real concern is that six episodes into the season and we still don’t understand The Thinker’s intentions and motivations. The Flash has been spending a lot of time delivering jokes rather than threats. That being said, it seems that next week’s episode will finally delve into Devoe and what makes him a true villain to contend with. Check out The CW’s official trailer for “Therefore I Am” below and feel free to let us know what you though about “When Harry Met Harry…” in the comments.