At the TCA’s: Hulu Introduces “Future Man”

Future Man

Hulu shared their new sci-fi comedy series “Future Man” at the TCA’s from Executive Producer/Director Seth Rogan. The series stars Derek Wilson (Wolf), Eliza Coupe (Tiger) and Josh Hutcherson (Producer/Josh Futturman). The actors, along with the creative team – Ben Karlin (Executive Producer/Showrunner), Ariel Shaffir (Creator/Executive Producer), Kyle Hunter (Creator/Executive Producer), Seth Rogen (Executive Producer/Director) – introduced the show at the TCA’s panel.

Hutcherson’s character is a janitor who is good at video games and bad at kicking butt, is recruited by mysterious visitors (played by Wilson and Coupe) to travel through time to prevent the extinction of humanity.

The plot? “Pretty much any science-fiction movie from the last, like, 35 years, roughly, is — influenced the show. But more than anything, it’s like — it’s kind of like a journey from a guy becoming, like, a — from a janitor to potentially the savior of mankind and the story of two future warriors slowly humanizing in our world, which is a weird thing to say out loud.” The plot-driven story is part “Quantum Leap,” part “Terminator 2” and part “The Last Starfighter,” a story where “we very much want the show to exist in a world where all those movies are real.”

But even while creating a show influenced by science fiction tropes, the creators wanted to avoid some clichés and predictable outcomes in stories like this. Seth Rogen commented, “He never becomes proficient at violence. So I think we avoided a lot of those tropes. We played into some of them that are funny and work for the show, but at the same time, like, it was a very honest character. And he brings humanity and empathy into the world of Tiger and Wolf, which has abandoned all of that, and they see things as hard enemies and very hard lines. And Josh lives in the gray.”

Season 1 cast member Glenne Headly passed away suddenly during production. She played Josh’s mother and her death was tough for the entire cast and crew. The role, as of right now, will not be recast.

“Future Man” comes to Hulu on November 14th, 2017. The 13 episodes will all be available when the show premieres, perfect for binge-watching.