WATCH: Exclusive Clip from The Exorcist, S2 Ep6 – Darling Nikki

the exorcist exclusive clip tomas marcus

Following last week’s stunning episode of The Exorcist, tonight’s addition to the second season of FOX’s horror series, titled “Darling Nikki,” promises to deliver:

A visit to the foster home carries deadly consequences, as Marcus and Father Tomas attempt to draw the demon out of hiding. Rose finds herself the target of the demon’s wrath. And no one suspects that a new danger may be lurking in the woods, waiting for its moment to strike. Meanwhile, Father Bennett and Mouse take the fight directly to the conspiracy as they attempt to hunt down an old adversary.

Before you settle in tonight with your crucifixes and holy water at the ready, we have an exclusive clip to tide you over. The preview teases an awkward family dinner shared by Tomas and Marcus with the Kim family, where Andy and the kids find out just what sort of work the two of them are involved in.

The Exorcist airs Fridays on FOX at 9/8c.