REVIEW: The Flash, S4 Ep05 – Girls Night Out

Season four of The Flash continues to be highly entertaining and comedic, while also hinting at a darker story involving The Thinker and what his sinister plans may be. “Girls Night Out” continues the fun trend, this time providing a story focused less on Barry and the boys of the show, and more on the ladies. This week’s episode saw Iris, Caitlin, Cecile, and Felicity, making her way all the way from Star City, enjoying a bacherlorette party night out. It ultimately goes awry once someone from Caitlin’s recent past interrupts. Meanwhile, Barry, Joe, Cisco, Wells, and newcomer Ralph Dibny, have their own night out that doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Katee Sackhoff as Amunet Black on 'The Flash'

Katee Sackhoff as Amunet Black

The main plot of “Girls Night Out” revolves mostly around Caitlin. In the six months she was away from Team Flash, she became entangled with some unsavory people. We find out in this episode that she was basically meta-human muscle for a newly introduced villain named Amunet Black, played by Katee Sackhoff. I’ll admit, being a huge Battlestar Galactica fan, it’s always nice to see Katee on screen, though her English accent just wasn’t doing it for me. Still, Amunet Black did prove to be a formidable opponent with a meta-human power-set comparable to that of X-Men‘s Magneto.

What was good about “Girls Night Out” was seeing the women of The Flash have their own adventure and making it out on top without the assistance of their male counterparts. On top of that, the whole ordeal seems to have strengthened the relationship between Iris and Caitlin, two characters who admittedly haven’t had many social interactions. Caitlin even has a bit of development, seemingly becoming able to have a bit more control over her Killer Frost persona by the episode’s end.

In addition to Amunet Black, “Girls Night Out” did introduce another character from DC Comics canon known as Weeper. In this episode, Weeper’s tears are literally a drug that Amunet attempts to exploit for monetary gain. While he is fortunately saved by the team, he runs off leading to a confrontation with The Thinker. The Thinker, or Devoe as we now know, has not fully revealed his plans, and the mystery grows more and more intriguing as episodes go by.

Like the episode’s main plot, the sub plot, which took place during Barry’s bachelor party at a strip club, served up a lot of laughs. From Barry getting too drunk and screaming he’s The Flash to strangers to Dibny causing a bar fight, the subplot was severely fun and entertaining.

Joe West and Barry Allen on 'The Flash'

The After Party

While these characters were going through hilarious ordeals, there was some room for some heartfelt moments. They mainly involved Joe talking to Cecile’s daughter about her job as a stripper, and Joe being confronted with his age in relation to having another child. “Girls Night Out” managed to meaningfully tackle stories we can relate to about getting older, honesty, and friendship, while also bringing out the laughs.

Overall, I have very few complaints about this week’s episode, with the exception of Katee Sackhoff’s accent and whatever voice effect was used on Killer Frost. “Girls Night Out” proved to be another great addition to The Flash‘s fourth season. Five episodes in and I’m filled with confidence that season four can end up being one of the series’ best as long as it keeps up the momentum.

In next week’s episode new team member Ralph Dibny will start trying to master his abilities as The Elongated Man. Additionally, The Flash will go full on Rick and Morty and summon “The Council of Wells,” a group of the smartest versions of Harrison Wells from alternate Earths, in order to decipher the true identity of The Thinker. Check out The CW’s official trailer for “When Harry Met Harry…” below and feel free to let us know what you though about “Girls Night Out” in the comments.