REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S8 Ep3 – Monsters

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep3 - Monsters

This week on The Walking Dead Rick faces a blast from the past, while Ezekiel continues the attack, and Morgan and Jesus clash.

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep3 - MonstersFor all the hype last week about the appearance of Morales, a character from the first season of The Walking Dead, his role in the episode, and even the season as a whole, was all too brief. After a tense confrontation with Rick, Morales reveals that he and his family never made it to Birmingham. He lost them all and became a shell of his former self before the Saviors picked him up. He tells Rick that they are all the same kind of monsters, making painful decisions just to survive the mad world. It was a compelling scene and it would have mattered more if Daryl hadn’t unceremoniously killed the guy, despite having recognized him.

Rick didn’t even look that upset in the end. He accepted that Daryl now is calmly and efficiently murderous, even killing a man Rick gave his word to, after the guy gave some crucial information about the Saviors. Everyone is rougher and tougher this season (Maggie taking a stand and Ezekiel understanding the price to pay for freedom), determined to make hard choices in order to win.

Everyone except Jesus, who continued his impractical feud with Morgan in this episode, insisting that they keep the Saviors prisoner instead of executing them. Again, not the best course of action given the current situation. It is reckless and irresponsible to waste resources on keeping a bunch of people alive who would easily betray and murder everyone given the chance. Jesus advocates a dangerous morality in a world that cannot afford it.

The Walking Dead, S8 Ep3 - MonstersThen there was the death of Eric, who we barely knew and only cared about because we cared about Aaron. One reviewer commented that The Walking Dead is trying too hard to make certain deaths dramatic, when the only ones we truly care about are the ones who’ve been around since the first season. With such an extensive cast, it’s hard to properly develop all of them for us to care enough about them when they go. And in such a harsh environment, easy come, easy go.

So, though there was a lot of action and a fair amount of walkers in this episode, nothing much happened, and the big reveal from last week turned out to be a disappointment. Rick and his allies are winning against the Saviors, at the cost of their humanity, but watching this journey is tedious.

Here’s hoping the rest of this season of The Walking Dead will be more interesting.