REVIEW: Lucifer, S3E6 – Vegas with Some Radish

In another standout standalone episode, Lucifer finally addresses the unresolved romantic tension between Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe (Lauren German). “Vegas with Some Radish” brings Candy Morningstar (guest star Lindsey Gort) back with a vengeance, as the mystery of her apparent death sends her ex-husband and Ella (Aimee Garcia) on a hunt for the killer. Meanwhile, Chloe enlists Linda (Rachel Harris) and Dan’s (Kevin Alejandro) help to understand why her friend would ditch her on her birthday.

Candy Morningstar is welcome back anytime.

The best thing about episodes like “Vegas with Some Radish” is how they tap into the inner lives of side characters on a show about a man who’s mostly all about himself. While this particular week didn’t delve as deeply into Ella as “Mrs. And Mrs. Mazikeen Smith” did Maze, it was definitely the largest showcase for her thus far. In the process of tracking down Lucifer’s ex-wife, we found out that Ella has a checkered past in Las Vegas, can acquit herself as an excellent investigator under pressure, and can even shoot a gun with deadly accuracy. Turns out that she had a nasty habit of counting cards to quell the voices in her head, before switching over to her life as a CSI in Los Angeles.

But Ella truthfully spends more time digging through Lucifer’s soul than she does revealing pieces of herself, and her questioning does lead him to explain his fake marriage to Candy in a series of great flashbacks. Not only do we get a glimpse of her prowess as a con woman, but we’re also treated to a bit of her Las Vegas show and to Lucifer’s musings on his relationship with Chloe. While I have never been invested in their romance, “Vegas with Some Radish” was a good refresher on just why he feels he must stay away from her and exactly what obstacles stand in their way if they were ever to attempt a relationship again.

For now, though, they’ve settled into a very enjoyable friendship, which is tested by Lucifer’s decision to rush off without explaining himself. At first, the show glosses over this with a light tone, letting Linda and Chloe ransack his apartment and fail miserably at breaking into his safe… Until Dan arrives with a drill bit. Alejandro is having so much fun with his more comedic role this season, and it’s also a genuine delight to see how his friendship with Chloe has developed in the wake of their divorce. I enjoy their new dynamic so much that I often forget to wonder who is taking care of Trixie. At the same time, Lucifer knows when to let things get more serious, and German does an excellent job of displaying a profound vulnerability when it comes to being left out of her partner’s life. It’s especially sad because Linda already knows more about the situation that Chloe could ever dream of, but she must play dumb for the sake of everyone involved. Slightly less sad is when she tries to cover for Lucifer calling a woman (Ella, unbeknownst to them) “ravishing” by saying he was referring to “radishes.” Sneakiest title drop ever.

Ella even got her flirt on this week.

Thankfully this culminates in a very sweet moment when Lucifer returns from a successful mission to find his friends all sleeping in his home, then proceeds to partially confess his secret to a not-really-sleeping Chloe. She still doesn’t know the truth about him, but at least now she knows she doesn’t want to lie to her – and he didn’t forget her birthday either. In fact, Lucifer’s sweeter side comes out with both his partner and his ex-wife, reminding us that he is a man who strives to keep every promise he makes.

While the case of the week was not as riveting as others, Gort is always a delight as Candy and it was a relief to see her live another day. The actual culprit was something of a letdown, but the journey to catching him was not. After all, who can say no to Lucifer singing “Luck Be A Lady” and Ella trying her best to high kick in his chorus line?


Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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