NYCC 2017: Interviews with the Cast and Producers of ‘Shadowhunters’!

Shadowhunters NYCC

Another New York Comic Con, another opportunity to interview some of our favorite people: the cast and producers of Shadowhunters!

The cast and producers were ready to share all the news they had in regards to the upcoming third season! They even give their opinions and feels about some of our favorite season two moments! Some topics that are covered throughout these interviews include: what we can expect from each character in the start of the third season, how the fans have influenced the show, and of course all the information that could be teased about Lilith.

Executive Producers: Darren Swimmer, Todd Slavkin, & Matthew Hastings:

I say this in every write up of interviews, but if you want to know all the nitty gritty of your favorite TV show/film, chat with the producers/showrunners. You just might get a few hints and teases on what’s to come!

If you noticed a darker element in the way the first season of Shadowhunters was shot versus the second, you can certainly expect the third season to be portrayed even darker. Matthew Hastings elaborated on this: “The three of us work really hard to re-invent the show, the way the show looks and feels and tastes, and what have you, and I think tonally the show has shifted; it’s become a lot more spooky.” This writer agrees; in the season 3 trailer alone, you can see how much the show has grown and matured. “We’re trying to let the show breathe a little more,” Todd Slavkin adds. What are your thoughts on this change in tone and darkness throughout the seasons?

The second a question about Lilith was asked, Hastings yells, “Oh my god, I love her so much!” Lilith is described as Adam’s first wife prior to Eve. She believes that because she’s unable to bear children, that it’s Adam’s fault. “…Sign me up!” Slavkin proclaims. Sign me up, too! Just from this information and glimpses we’ve seen in the trailer, I’m already looking forward to Anna Hopkins’ portrayal of her! According to the producers, we’ll find her emotions and heartbreak relatable and because of this, she isn’t the villain we expect. These are my favorite kind of antagonists!

Matthew Daddario (Alec Lightwood) & Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray):

Since ‘Clace’ is officially an item, they’re able to finally go through the relationship endeavors that are typical among even mundanes. Katherine McNamara provides her outlook on their relationship:

“They’ve never had a chance at a real relationship. But now that they do you get to see them acting like a normal couple. You see Jace making an effort, and you see Clary making an effort. And you also see their insecurities in their relationship and with each other and questioning things. And it’s very human and it’s very endearing I think to see these characters vulnerable for something that is not world impending.”

Well if that doesn’t make you at least appreciate Clace, I don’t know what will.

If you’re wondering about the strength of Jace and Alec’s parabatai bond, so is Matthew Daddario, to be honest. Because everyone is not being truthful around him (*coughClaryandJacecough*), this causes Alec’s life to become a bit more complicated than it needs to be. “Alec is living his life, trying to do the right thing and everyone is making it difficult for him. This is an ongoing theme,” Daddario rants. Given that Alec is constantly dubbed the fan favorite, I’m sure he’s going to get his happy ending [with Magnus] in the long run.

Alisha Wainwright (Maia Roberts) & Isaiah Mustafa (Luke Garroway):

Right at the start of the interview, Alisha Wainwright mentions they were previously discussing the Bechdel test. This honestly has nothing to do with the interview or show, but certainly makes me want to do a series rewatch of Shadowhunters to see how many scenes pass this test overall.

When asked about Maia and Simon’s relationship, Alisha mentions right from the get go that “Maia got her rom-com movie.” Which is true and a great way to think about it! It’s amazing to me how far Maia’s come in just one season. With Alisha now a series regular in the third season, I expect more development and story-lines galore for her. Isaiah brings up an amazing point in regards to whatever dealings Simon has made with the Seelie Queen. “You wanna see how Maia reacts to adversity. You have an idea on how she’ll react based on what you’ve seen already, but that’s almost the physical-ness of it.”

Alisha and Isaiah also go into a really great discussion that was sparked from the question on fan involvement in the show. Both agree that they take the fans’ love and appreciation into account, but they’re not going to change how they portray their character based on the occasional criticism.

Lastly, I know you guys all want to know about Luke’s partner, Ollie, and her new knowledge of werewolves. Isaiah states, “She’s very persistent and she will not stop until she gets the answers she’s looking for. But the answers she’s looking for may not be what she thinks they are.”

Given the information that was shared in these interviews, what are you most looking forward to in the upcoming third season? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

Shadowhunters third season premieres on April 3rd, 2018 at 8/7c on Freeform.

Photos by Sharlene Mousfar

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