Meet Four New ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Characters Arriving in S5

As we wait for the new season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. coming in December, we now have four new reasons to look forward to it. Entertainment Weekly has shared an introduction to four new characters that will be part of the cast in the upcoming episodes. The information we have on them includes some relatively minor SPOILERS for the plot of the season, so I recommend you don’t read any further if you’d like to avoid any of that.

Apparently, the four newcomers will be with our team out in space. Some sound like they’ll be allies, and some? Not so much. Let’s go ahead and meet them now:

Jeff Ward as Deke. (Photo courtesy ABC/Matthias Clamer, via EW)

1) Deke (played by Jeff Ward): This character (incidentally, the only one played by an actor who was previously announced as joining the show) is described by EW as a “roguish scavenger” who can get anyone what they need, “but at a price of his asking.” Deke is intelligent and a fast thinker. All of this makes him “both a real asset in a tight spot and a hard man to trust.”

Eve Harlow as Tess. (Photo courtesy ABC/Jennifer Clasen, via EW)

2) Tess (played by Eve Harlow): Tess is described as a resourceful person who strives “to be self-sufficient in very desperate circumstances”. Despite what she’s been through in her life, she still has hope “for a better future for herself and those closest to her.” This attitude shows that “even in the toughest of times, good people will still fight for each other.”

Coy Stewart as Flint. (Photo courtesy ABC/Jennifer Clasen, via EW)

3) Flint (played by Coy Stewart): This young character has been forced by his difficult environment to “grow up fast”. At the same time, he has a strong desire “to prove that he’s capable of big things”, which may come into play when he and our SHIELD team cross paths. Also, according to EW: “Fun fact: Flint is based on a character from Inhumans comics.” Intriguing!

Pruitt Taylor Vince as Grill. (Photo courtesy ABC/Jennifer Clasen, via EW)

4) Grill (played by Pruitt Taylor Vince): Last but not least, we have our villain – or at least he doesn’t sound like a nice guy. Grill is the guy in command (at whatever facility everyone finds themselves in), and he’s a “gruff taskmaster” with an “unforgiving temperament” that makes him someone you don’t want to cross. On top of that, he has “no illusions about the world he lives in”, which means he’s not one to be fooled easily, either.

So, which of these new guys are you looking forward to meeting the most? For me, it’s probably a toss-up between Tess and Grill. I’m just guessing Tess will be a somewhat reluctant but extremely helpful ally to our team, which should be interesting to watch. Grill, on the other hand, is played by one of my favorite actors who shows up in a lot of shows (for instance The X-Files, House MD, and even Stranger Things.). I know Pruitt Taylor Vince will knock this role out of the park, as he usually does.

Agents of SHIELD returns Friday, December 1 with a two-hour season premiere on ABC.