PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #18 – Accents, Gunpowder, & Shudders Made Here

Keeping in mind that Halloween is upon us, Valerie, Angela, and Tatiana take the opportunity to first rant about the horrors of having too many different accents in a historical drama (0:33) on this week’s Pop A La Carte podcast. Which naturally leads to the even worse terror of white actors playing latinx roles on Supergirl (13:54). But since not everything is awful all the time, we also gush once more about The Good Place (24:30) and the casting for Doctor Who‘s latest companions (40:33). Valerie then gives a mini review of BBC’s Gunpowder (46:59). Finally, we celebrate Halloween early by checking out AMC’s streaming service Shudder and visiting WB’s Horror Made Here Tour (51:50).

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