REVIEW: The Flash, S4 Ep03 – Luck Be a Lady

“Luck Be a Lady” contains a very different type of meta-human in a very entertaining and comedic Flash story. As the episode begins we meet Becky Sharpe, a woman with incredibly bad luck. Her origins unfold as The Thinker describes her life and her potential for his plan. This eventually leads to Sharpe hopping on a bus with another eventual meta-human we’ve already met, Kilgor. Cut to the present day and Team Flash are confronted with Becky, who is now a meta-human with a very interesting power-set. Her extraordinary good luck leads others around her into having severely bad luck, making it very easy for her to commit some crimes.

Getting married won’t be easy

For the most part, “Luck Be a Lady” primarily focuses on Becky Sharpe and how her abilities are causing some bad luck among the team. This bad luck is manifested a number of ways, including Joe West’s house requiring some serious repair and Barry and Iris unable to get the venue they want for their wedding. These events are mostly played up for laughs until the episode’s conclusion when lives are actually threatened. Three episodes into this season and it seems The Flash has been taking a lighter approach, and this episode definitely feels like the lightest and the funniest thus far.

Other comedic moments in “Luck Be a Lady” include Team Flash playing some laser tag, Barry and Iris unable to get married when the priest they go to ends up having an allergic reaction, and Jesse Quick breaking up with Wally through the use of a “breakup cube.” That last one probably shouldn’t have been as funny as it was considering Wally got his heart broken, but the awkward explanation Earth-2 Harrison Wells gives when the cube malfunctions was priceless.

As the story progresses we learn more about Becky’s past bus trip, which led to her receiving her meta-human abilities. As it turns out this bus trip lined up perfectly with Barry’s return from the speed force in the season premiere. The amount of dark matter emitted from the portal he emerged from caused everyone in that nearby bus to become meta-humans. Somehow The Thinker orchestrated all of this. This is definitely an interesting way of bringing out more metas in Central City, though The Thinker’s overall plan is still not fully revealed. What is his purpose in manufacturing these metas? It may be some time before we find out.

The Thinker is thinking

The episode wrapped up pretty neatly with the particle accelerator once again going off and cancelling out Becky Sharpe’s abilities. As for lasting consequences of events in the episode, Wally decides to leave Central City for a while following his break up with Jesse, and Harrison Wells remains on Earth-1 having been kicked off Team Quick back on Earth-2. So, once again The Flash has figured out a way to keep Tom Cavanagh around as Wells. While his return to Team Flash is more than welcome, Wally’s departure is unfortunate considering how much better he’s become as a character since his introduction.

Overall, “Luck Be a Lady” was a fun and comedic episode from beginning to end. So far it’s without a doubt my favorite of the season, though we are only three episodes in. Becky Sharpe’s meta-human abilities made for some very humorous moments with Team Flash, but she was still able to be presented as a formidable threat. I’m sure this season of The Flash will eventually become a bit darker towards its conclusion, but I’m hoping this fun streak lasts long before then. And it looks like it will, with next week’s episode featuring the debut of a very recognizable DC Comics hero.

“Elongated Journey Into Night” will feature the first appearance of the Elongated Man, a meta-human with the ability to stretch parts of his his body, kind of like DC’s own Plastic Man or Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic. Check out The CW’s official trailer for “Elongated Journey Into Night” below and feel free to let us know what thought of “Luck Be a Lady” in the comments.