Binge These Recommendations from Australians In Film

The Australians In Film organization hosted their 6th annual awards benefit dinner last week, where several accomplished actors, directors, and producers were honored for their contributions to the international film industry. Debra Richards, the CEO of Ausfilm, explained that events such as these are important because, “we’re all about attracting production back to Australia. So the more that we can promote the talent and the skill here in LA, the better everyone is back in the Australian film industry.” We’ve already seen positive results from similar efforts, such as when Thor: Ragnarok filmed in Australia and director Taika Waititi made sure to hire a large percentage of indigenous crew members.

With that in mind, With An Accent asked some of the star-studded honorees and attendees of the night to share their favorite Australian-produced works of fiction with our readers. If you want to branch out and support excellent works from Down Under but don’t know where to start, this list is for you. Below you can find classic films and newer releases, television series of epic proportions, and even a novel or children’s book. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the next Thor and after that Aquaman too!

Emilie De Ravin (Belle French in Once Upon A Time):
“I’m trying to think of something recent, but I always go back to the old stuff. You’ve probably already seen it, but I just rewatched it. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – it’s an awesome movie. I just did a whole night the other night of watching that and Strictly Ballroom.”

Natasha Bassett (Britney Spears in Britney Ever After, Kayla May in upcoming Desolate):
“I don’t know how well known Lion was when it came out, but that was my favorite movie of the year. I thought it was so beautiful; a beautiful story. I would recommend anyone to watch that.”

Damon Herriman (Dewey Crowe in Justified, Ruse in upcoming film The Nightingale):
“A quintessentially Australian film that a lot of Americans probably don’t know is called The Castle. That’s a fantastic comedy that was probably 20 years ago now, but it captures the Australian sense of humor perfectly.”

Ben Young (director of Hounds of Love and the upcoming Extinction):
“I’m obviously going to be biased. You have to see my film, Hounds of Love. It had its world premiere in Venice in 2016, where it won Best Actress for Ashley Cummings. I’m really proud of it, it’s done well on the international circuit, so it’s well worth the look. It’s available on iTunes and Amazon here.”

Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why, Leah Burke in upcoming Love, Simon):
“I’d say if you want to capture the essence of Australian culture, you should either go for Picnic at Hanging Rock by Joan Lindsay, or you should do Puberty Blues. They only did two seasons, but it’s one of my favorite television series ever.”

Ashleigh Brewer (Kate Ramsay in Neighbours, Ivy Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful):
“I would want to say to an actor, to watch the Australian version of The Slap – the ABC show that originated from the book. Or read the book. And then if you need to watch the American version, watch the American version. But the Australian version is unbelievable.”

Lucy Fry (Eve Thorogood in Wolf Creek, Tikka in Netflix’s Bright):
“There are so many books. The Secret River, and then I’m also thinking Breath as well. And my favorite thing ever that I had to bring with me from Australia was Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, this cute little children’s book that is so comforting. It’s what I think of when I think about Australia.”

Patrick Brammall (James Hayes in Glitch, Scott in upcoming The Letdown):
“I just read an incredible book by an Australian author called Steve Toltz, and it’s called A Fraction of the Whole. Incredible book.”