REVIEW: Lucifer, S3E4 – What Would Lucifer Do?

Upon realizing that God’s test for him is Lucifer (Tom Ellis), but not knowing quite where to start, Amenadiel (DB Woodside) decides to ask himself “What Would Lucifer Do?” and walk a mile in his brother’s shoes. That goes spectacularly poorly for him, but at least it provides a few laughs. Meanwhile, Lucifer himself is up to his old tricks and wants to prove that everyone else is too – so he makes an example out of Chloe’s (Lauren German) latest murder investigation.

When your boss acts like a 4th grader.

The victim in question is young Emily Goddard, a counselor at Fire Hawk Transformational Center, which promises reformation for young delinquents, and thus flies in the face of everything Lucifer believes. He harasses the residents throughout the episode and even teaches them the best way to sell drugs, but avoids getting into any kind of trouble because there was already a drug den on the premises. Normally these antics are humorous, but they veered dangerously close to making the suspension of disbelief impossible in “What Would Lucifer Do?.” Perhaps it’s partially due to the difference in Lieutenant Pierce’s treatment of him versus Chloe. As the bewildered detective accurately complains, their boss praises everything Lucifer does no matter how boneheaded it is. Whereas he seems to be criticizing every action of Chloe’s. Pierce was off-putting for most of the episode, but it was worth it to see Chloe be a badass who wouldn’t stand for unfair treatment.

Ella (Aimee Garcia) repeatedly suggests that Pierce is just super into his subordinate, but she dismisses it because it’s both ludicrous and inappropriate. And yet, when the owner of the Transformational Center winds up being the murderer and tries to kill her too, the Lieutenant protects her and winds up getting shot himself. Not even that act of heroism would get me onboard this workplace romance, but at least it proved Ella’s point that his actions and not his words are the thing to watch. While recovering at the hospital, he admits that she’s one of his best detectives, and that he only rejected her application to become Union Rep earlier in the episode because she’s actually too good for the job. Immediately after, he hilariously emphasizes this point by offering the position to poor Dan (Kevin Alejandro), whom he clearly disdains.

Dan does more than be the butt of the joke in “What Would Lucifer Do?” however. He also reaches out a helping hand when Amenadiel’s quest to understand his brother goes terribly awry. He even offers some sage advice that leads to the episode’s most powerful scene. Decked out in Lucifer’s wardrobe and wandering his favorite haunts like a cat on the prowl, Amenadiel strikes out with one woman after another until landing one who is suspiciously eager. Of course, she wound up being a call girl – and her “cousin” got himself beat up by our favorite Angel for demanding too much money. Thus Amenadiel found himself in jail and humiliated, which is when Dan showed up to be the knight in shining armor. The friendship between these two has been a more-than-pleasant surprise, breathing fresh air and lightness into two characters who at times can get a little too mopey.

A tale of two brothers.

By claiming to have his back, Dan inadvertently reminds Amenadiel that it’s his duty to have his brother‘s back. So Amenadiel finds Lucifer just as he’s about to kill Jerry Blackcrow, the ex-con/reform guru who tried to shoot Chloe. He thankfully convinces Lucifer not to shoot the man by recalling that the Devil is a punisher of evil and not evil incarnate. While said Devil is grateful, his guilt and self-loathing remain strong enough that he tries to turn Amenadiel away from him by cajoling him with hurtful words that would send a weaker man running. But Amenadiel is not about to fail his God-given test, and rightfully points out that the only person Lucifer is trying to punish right now is himself.

“What Would Lucifer Do?” isn’t as strong an offering as previous Lucifer episodes this season have been, primarily because the debate of whether or not people can change gets a little muddied. But it contains some truly soul-searching moments of character development for the immortal brothers. In the meantime, I’m left wondering a few things: Where is the real Charlotte and when will we see her again? And, more importantly, what’s going on with the Sinnerman and when will we deal with him?

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX at 8/7c.

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