NYCC: Cast & Creators of Professor Marston And the Wonder Women

The resurgence of Wonder Woman makes Professor Marston & the Wonder Women a perfectly timed movie premiere. Who created the iconic female heroine? The who is a brilliant professor (who invented the lie detector test!) named William Marston. But the most intriguing part is the why. The circumstances that birthed such a dynamic feminist heroine were born of a love story between three people.

At the recent New York Comic Con (NYCC), we sat down with stars Luke Evans (Dr. Marston) and Rebecca Hall (Elizabeth Marston), and filmmaker Angela Robinson to discuss the surprising roots of Wonder Woman and the fascinating life of Dr. Marston, his wife and their lover, Olive Byrne (played by Bella Heathcote, who was not in attendance).

The Marstons and Olive lived a secret life worthy of any superhero with an alter ego. While projecting to the world a perfect traditional marriage, the Marstons continued a long-term relationship with Olive, raising their children together. Throw in some bondage elements and the morality police of the 40’s – who understandably didn’t like the idea of a feminist heroine who wore a sexy outfit and tied people up – and you have a fascinating tale about the origins of Wonder Woman.

Filmmaker Angela Robinson has been working on the project for eight years so the timing of the movie with the current Wonder Woman resurgence is serendipitous. This is the perfect time to go back and “see the ideals and people who created Wonder Woman.”

Despite the potentially salacious details of a poly relationship and the bondage aspects, both stars and Robinson agree that this is as wholesome an exploration of a love story as you can imagine.

“That’s the most radical thing about it. It’s an unconventional story told in a very hopeful, non-judgemental way,” says Hall. All three agree that Professor Marston and the Wonder Women celebrates these three people, their ideas, and the feminist world they longed to see.

Care was taken to present the poly lifestyle in a positive way; Robinson said at the panel later on that they were approached several times by people who thanked her for the portrayal of the lifestyle.

“From the outside, they lead unremarkable lives,” offers Evans. “They had children. They created this lie and it seemed to work.”

Watch the interview below for more inside scoop!

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Professor Marston and The Wonder Women is in select theatres from today.