PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #16 – Kdramas Deserving of the Name (and Your Time!)

Angela and Tatiana rope With An Accent contributor Alice into a special kdramas-only episode that basically turns into a free-for-all. First we dissect the differences between ahjussi and noona romances (0:44) – including some Goblin discussion – before delving into general quibbles such as mini-episodes and Viki passes (16:46).

Then we start gushing about our favorite kdramas, specifically comparing Queen In Hyun’s Man to newer time travel romances like Deserving Of The Name (29:18). At that point, it’s time to recommend all the dramas we can think of, including Coffee Prince, My Wife is Having an Affair This Week, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and many more (57:23). Be warned that we dole out plenty of spoilers for kdramas that have aired either very recently or long ago, so proceed with caution.

Check us out below, and remember that you can find us on iTunes or in the Google Play Store under Podcasts. You can also follow us on @popalacartepod on Twitter!