REVIEW: Lucifer, S3E2 – The One With the Baby Carrot

This week, Lucifer opens with a rather racy scene that almost leads to some kinky cosplay sex… which is tragically derailed by Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) ever-present daddy issues. So instead of a romp with a stranger, he winds up once more in a therapy session with Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris). What’s perhaps most surprising about this turn of events is how quick Linda is to point out that Lucifer is engaging in self-harm, no matter his intentions. It’s always a nice surprise when the show delves into serious issues despite its generally flippant tone. The same scene also showcases once more how far our antihero has come, seeing as he actively expresses concern for his friend and at times forgets to keep talking about himself in favor of asking about her. Progress!

A delightful quartet

While Lucifer remains intent on uncovering the Sinnerman’s criminal network, Chloe (Lauren German) is convinced no such person exists and finds another suspect for last episode’s murder of a kidnapper. The set-up for their disagreement this episode is a bit of a retread, but at least for now it doesn’t feel too tired because the threat of the Sinnerman is not yet overwhelming. The lower stakes allow for fun character bits with Dan (Kevin Alejandro), whose love of improv returns, and of course the scatter-brained but lovable Ella (Aimee Garcia) revealing her love of stand-up comics. But more importantly, it also allows the mystery of Marcus Pierce’s (Tom Welling) intentions to unfold in a way that doesn’t feel silly or superfluous. What is he doing listening in on his subordinates’ conversations, and does he somehow tie back to the Big Bad?

Things get a little more sinister when Lieutenant Pierce tries to rope Dan into an investigation of Lucifer, but it’s still unclear if he’s just an overly concerned boss or an evil henchman. After all, the man he wants to look into is busy interrupting a stand-up show taping to accuse a person of interest in public. He of course winds up accidentally firing on the suspect, but one has to admit that his wacky – and dangerous – methods usually yield results. Once Pierce comes clean about his Sinnerman-related worries, he suddenly becomes a much more sympathetic character – but can he be trusted?

Friends help friends dispose of the wings

I almost forgot that Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) slowed down time to save Linda’s life last season, but Lucifer didn’t. Linda thanks him profusely, giving the angel just the right opening to discuss his current lack of powers with her and lay the foundation for a wonderful partnership between them. Mazikeen has been sadly absent from the first two episodes, presumably due to Lesley-Ann Brandt’s pregnancy, but having the two people who love her most discuss her avoidance tendencies while they themselves are bonding is a good workaround. In the meantime, they enjoy getting rid of severed angel wings while engaging in philosophical discussions together. Once again, Amenadiel manages to turn a comedic situation into a heartfelt moment when Linda helps him to realize that Lucifer is in fact his test. This was certainly the strongest subplot of the night.

Not that Dan trying his hand at open mic night is anything to scoff at, seeing as his attempt at micro-penis humor makes for one of the most entertaining cases of the series. Plus, Lucifer finally got to throw tomatoes at Dan for the job. Hopefully the rest of the season has cases just as humorous as this one, to counterbalance the increasing tension and darkness emerging out of the search for the Sinnerman. Especially now that our man has decided that if he can’t beat them, he’s gonna join them.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX at 8/7c.