NYCC 2017: ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 3 Release Date/Trailer Revealed & More!

Javier Muñoz

Javier Muñoz

Another season of Shadowhunters, another visit to New York Comic Con for one of our favorite casts. As previously mentioned, the producers and some members were revealed to be attending, but as usual, we had no idea what tricks they had up their sleeve in terms of a release date, casting announcements, trailer, etc.

If you’re a fan of the network Freeform overall, New York Comic Con was the place to be this weekend! While Shadowhunters had the Jade Wolf Takeout Cart, every show had their own special booth/exhibit! From Beyond‘s 360 Video Booth, Cloak & Dagger‘s New Orleans Bodega, and Siren‘s Live Mermaid Exhibit, there was something awesome to experience from every show Freeform was promoting at the Con!

The panel for the show consisted of several hot topics for the upcoming season. Like, due to Clace using the angel’s wish (which can only be used once and is advised for emergencies only), “they have this secret that they cannot tell,” Katherine McNamara stated. In regards to Clary killing her father, Valentine, in the season 2 finale, Matthew Daddario teased that Alec could be the one getting the credit for that!

With Simon taking some sort of deal with the Seelie Queen, Maia “has no idea what he’s risked for her,” says Alisha Wainwright. “He’s Maia’s knight in shining armor.” Cue the giddy Saia squeals. Speaking of, Alisha really appreciates how the show has taken more of a deeper route with them versus the books – I concur!

Malec might face even more drama this next season, when the fact that Magnus is immortal and cannot die was brought up by the producers. This might not be the only obstacle Magnus has to face in season 3.

Along with a glimpse at the season 3 trailer – which I will go into more detail below – two casting announcements took place, thanks to the Shadowhunters producers! Hamilton star Javier Muñoz will portray a rival warlock for Magnus Bane. A video of Muñoz displaying his excitement for joining the cast was viewed during the panel; apparently he was already a huge Shadowhunters to begin with, so this is a dream role for him!

Anna Hopkins

Anna Hopkins

Also announced is the highly anticipated role of Lilith, the mother of all demons. She will be portrayed by: Anna Hopkins. We saw a tiny glimpse of her in the season 2 finale, but with her being the main villain next year (RIP Valentine), we’re bound to see even more!

Lastly revealed was that Shadowhunters has been picked up for 10 additional episodes to air in the summer of 2018. Even the cast had no idea of this surprise! Isaiah Mustafa literally did a mic drop and walked away from excitement! To be honest, this writer is quite confused about this announcement. Does this means we’re getting a 30 episode season 3 or a season 4A? With season 3 premiering in April, does this mean they’ll show the whole third season nonstop? Anyone else have any ideas?

As for the season 3 trailer, it begins with a steamy Clace scene, that even I am falling for! “I can’t believe that we’re here, together,” Clary says. “I just want to make sure I’m not dreaming,” Jace responds. What starts out as a sexy scene for the pair, turns out to be in fact a dream, given that a suddenly alive Jonathan barges in. Bamboozled! Actually Jace seems to be in a rather odd state, most likely from being resurrected by Clary.

Plus Simon’s agreement with the Seelie Queen isn’t going as planned. Season 3 hasn’t even aired yet, and I already continue to feel sorry for Simon.

“Sometimes bad things happen,” Luke mentions to Ollie. For how much drama goes down on this show, this should be the new tagline! Also, I’m probably the unpopular opinion on this but I hope Ollie remains on Luke’s good side and she helps the shadowhunter/downworlder community. The show could use more mundanes, in my opinion. And saving the best for last is Hopkins as Lilith. “Together, we will usher in a new dawn.” Thoughts on Anna Hopkins’ casting as Lilith?I think the Shadowhunters casting department did an amazing job – Hopkins is strikingly beautiful and will most definitely be a character you’ll love to hate.

Thoughts on the upcoming season 3? Leave your comments below.

The third season of Shadowhunters premieres on April 3rd, 2018 at 8/7c on Freeform.

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