REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead, S3 Ep 13 – This Land is Your Land

Fear the Walking Dead, S3 Ep 13 – This Land is Your Land

Main characters finally reunite in another tense episode of Fear the Walking Dead that sees Alicia and Ofelia endure claustrophobic nightmares while Nick and Troy try to save the day. But just as the Clarks finally come together, they are scattered by the end of the episode, with Alicia deciding to follow her own path into the wilderness of the apocalypse. This was another strong episode of Fear the Walking Dead and with the compelling story, the good writing, and stellar performance of Alycia Debnam-Carey, in particular, some agree that the show is already on par with the mother show.

Fear the Walking Dead, S3 Ep 13 – This Land is Your LandThe conflict was particularly intense in this episode, which showed the ranchers taking refuge in the pantry after Troy unleashed a horde of walkers. But the supposedly safe place soon proves to be another death trap. Not only is the one source of air blocked, several of the ranchers were also bitten by walkers before they entered the pantry. What follows is a dark and heartbreaking episode with thrills and character revelations (Ofelia and Crazy Dog’s mission to clear the air vent) as well as one of the worst ordeals Alicia has had to face ever since the world went mad.

In some Utilitarian strategy to conserve the limited supply of breathable air, the infected are asked to come forward so that they can be murdered to save the rest of the community. It’s a cruel but clever strategy, given the circumstances. But the act, though merciful in its own way, takes its toll on Alicia, always the strong one, but forced to commit unspeakable acts just to survive. She suffers as she takes everyone out, acutely aware that she is killing the living, even if they will soon be the dead.

What adds to the tragedy was that all of this effort was for naught in the end, as the pantry ran out of air and everyone but Alicia died of asphyxiation and turned into walkers. The exhausted girl had to fight her way through a newly created horde in one of the more tense and thrilling sequences on Fear the Walking Dead. This latest ordeal makes her realize that she needs to strike her own path, that nowhere is truly safe and worth killing (and dying for). This bold decision is an unexpected direction for the character but given her strength and resourcefulness throughout the series, she will surely survive. But how she lives her life from this point will be a fascinating journey to watch.

Fear the Walking Dead, S3 Ep 13 – This Land is Your LandMeanwhile, Nick and Troy tried to fix the mess the latter made by killing as many walkers as they can. These two lost boys, who flourished when the world fell into chaos, share many similarities, particularly an uncanny ability to adapt to the worst possible circumstances. But for all his ruthless pragmatism, Nick looks burdened by the consequences of his actions. Whereas Troy delights in his rampage, gleefully mowing down walkers, behavior that would have undoubtedly marked him as an outcast back in the normal world.

Madison, Strand, and Walker arrive in the nick of time and rescue the handful of survivors from the ranch. Fear the Walking Dead has a pretty convenient plot device for trimming down an extensive cast, and that’s having the extras devoured by zombies. Ofelia is given the news that her father is still alive and the group decides to make their way back to the dam, sans Nick, Troy, and Alicia, who are off on adventures of their own.

While it’s strange to see the group split up so soon after being reunited, this provides an interesting set up for the last few episodes of the season and I’m quite looking forward to whatever comes next on Fear the Walking Dead.