At the TCA’s: SundanceTV Introduces Liar

SundanceTV introduced the limited series “Liar” – a thriller about an encounter that spawns two very different accounts. Stars Joanne Froggatt (Laura Nielson) and Ioan Gruffudd (Andrew Earlham) and co-creator/writer/executive producers Harry Williams and Jack Williams appeared on the panel to offer some details about “Liar.”

This modern-day psychological thriller comes from the minds of Jack and Harry Williams (“The Missing,” “Fleabag”) and James Strong, the acclaimed director of “Broadchurch.” 

A surgeon (Gruffudd) and a teacher (Froggatt) meet for a late night encounter. The next day, two wildly different accounts of what happened exist as the show explores the concept of lies and truth. Complete with flashbacks – and a very modern moment as the teacher’s recollection becomes a social media sensation – “Liar” is compelling, to say the least.

Gruffudd read the first three scripts and instantly knew he wanted to be a part of “Liar.”

I think it’s very important that we believe Andrew…he’s charming. He’s a father. He is a widower. He’s a pillar of the community, a great surgeon. And, of course, as we are proceeding here in this room, to date, he is an ambiguous character, and there is something behind that veneer that is slightly disturbing. So I think for me, personally, it was an incredible opportunity to play this kind of part. It’s a part I’ve been itching to play for many, many years.”

For her part, Froggatt added, “It’s such an ambiguous story, and the point of it is that it is ambiguous, and we have to have the audience find out who is lying. So it’s not just laid there for us. So we had to sort of triple check every, sort of, decision I think on set. We were thinking with the flashbacks. We were thinking okay, this actually changes something if I move this from there to there, and that to there. And, also, performance-wise, there’s certain scenes that I was playing where obviously in that I play the truth of what my character was doing and thinking and feeling.”

The arc for “Liar” will play out over each episode as the show explores the lies, the truth and what it means in current times.

Jack Williams said, “…sometimes the most complex situation can be reduced to my word against yours. And it’s amazing, even in the modern age, even in the 21st Century, the idea of an objective truth is still incredibly elusive, and can be hard to get to. That’s the thing. Sometimes it just makes it harder to get to the truth of anything that matters. And it seems really interesting to us that yet, in this day and age, that still one person can say one thing, and one can say another, and what do you do with that? It’s up to you to follow it through.”

“Liar” premiere on Wednesday, September 27th at 10 pm ET on SundanceTV.