At the TCA’s: The Opposition with Jordan Klepper

Jordan Klepper gave a preview of his new show for Comedy Central, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper at the TCA’s.

After being the Man on the Street for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah during some of the most turbulent events in recent years, Jordan Klepper has been given his own show on Comedy Central. It’s roots?

Jordan Klepper explained. “There has been a great normalization of bullshit in America. America has always had its level of bullshit, its McCarthyism, its 9/11 truthers, its birthers, its Ted Cruz’s dad is on the grassy knoll. That has always been in America, but it’s usually been on the fringe. But recently, something happened. And in November, we elected the most famous conspiracy theorist in the world to the highest office in the land and, boom, normalization began.”

After seeing the normalization first hand – “Obama being a secret Muslim was a belief held by some, but very few. And then, by the end, it was something that was emblazened on T-shirts and hats.” – Klepper found himself part of the “fake news” story. “I was even called fake news, which, to be fair, is completely accurate, but it still stung.”

“One of the last rallies I went to, I was even hounded by people who were yelling at me and saying that myself and my crew were parts of the deep state and that we were working for Hillary Clinton and for the CIA. And sadly, we were working for something more sinister, Kent Alterman and Comedy Central.”

Klepper realized that these peoples’ information was coming from alternative media such as Infowars, Breitbart, TheBlaze, 4chan, the dark corners of the Internet. The “silent majority” influenced Klepper’s creation of The Opposition with Jordan Klepper.

“I wanted to do it about America in 2017. And what excited me about America in 2017, and also what confused me about America in 2017, is this other side that is getting its news from places that we might not even look. It’s the news of the internet, and this is where the bullshit starts. This is where the bullshit gets tested in its little kitchens and then fed into the mainstream. And this world sees itself as the outsider.”

“So who is this outsider other than somebody who is upset and anti the mainstream, anti what’s happening, anti-facts. And that’s why we are the opposition. We are not mainstream. We are not establishment. We are not listening. And we are definitely not helping.”

Wedding humor and politics, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper premieres on Comedy Central September 25th. Check your local listings.