Katee Sackhoff Joins The Flash As DC Villain

Looks like Iris West is getting a bachelorette party – and, more importantly, female characters to interact with – after all! Yes, that was the first thought that came to mind when Entertainment Weekly broke the news that another DC Comics villain is headed The Flash‘s way. Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica24) is appearing in the fifth episode of season 4, which is called “Girls Night Out” and also guest stars Arrow‘s Felicity Smoak. The role is said to be recurring, which is a double dose of excitement considering how rarely major female villains are featured.

So who exactly will the fabulous Katee Sackhoff be playing? None other than Amunet Black, also knows as Blacksmith. In the comics, her character runs an underground weapons contraband network – aptly titled ‘The Network’ – exclusively for metahumans. Over the course of her work and short marriage to one particular villain named Goldface, she developed the ability to shape metal and join it with her flesh. This leads to the rather fitting nickname of Blacksmith, though it’s more likely that The Flash will say she gained her powers during the power accelerator explosion or the speed force storm. Precisely because she runs a criminal enterprise, it makes sense that she will be in more than one episode. Perhaps she will even serve as the show’s first major connection or pathway to The Thinker?

Sidenote: now that the episode title and Felicity’s appearance have been revealed, I very much hope that Iris will not only get to celebrate with some female friends of her own, but that we also see previous characters who have been cast aside. Any chance Linda Park is hiding somewhere in there ready to visit her bestie from her hiding spot in Coast City? At the very least, Gypsy and Jesse Quick should show up and actually form a connection with the women on the show. Four seasons in is more than enough time for one woman to have an entire conversation with another, isn’t it?