PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #9 – A Dragon’s Endeavor

This week on Pop A La Carte’s podcast, Valerie and Tatiana go all the way in on Game of Thrones and Endeavor. No, we do not discuss the leaks, as this was in fact recorded before there were any, but we do talk plenty of dragon-related theories. And, of course, discuss the Glorious War of Stark Sisterly Rivalry.

Valerie then introduces us to Endeavor (50:11), a BBC show which will be airing its 4th season on PBS Masterpiece Mystery starting August 20th. Be warned that Valerie’s voice morphs when she says a few of the characters’ names during this section. It was late and brains were not working, so adjustments had to be made after the fact.

Check us out below, and remember that you can find us on iTunes or in the Google Play Store under Podcasts. You can also follow us on @popalacartepod on Twitter! Then be sure to check out Endeavor this weekend (the first three seasons are available on Amazon Prime) and come back for future podcasts.