Katherine McNamara’s ‘Ember’ Out Now!

Katherine McNamara

Credit: Quantum Flood

If you listened closely to Shadowhunters season 2 finale “Beside Still Water,” you just might have heard Katherine McNamara’s new single, “Ember,” towards the end!

Released* Wednesday August 16th, “Ember” is a powerful song about overcoming a difficult situation or person and rising above it all.

As revealed in the video below, Katherine not only wrote the song, but wrote it all the way back after the first season had just wrapped! McNamara goes into detail on her meaning behind the song:

“We all have moments in our lives, where someone… or something that happens, makes us doubt who we are, and who we think we’re supposed to be. But, deep down we have to remember that there’s this little ember of hope within the ashes. There’s always that little light inside of you that will carry you through. It’s always ready to ignite at any moment.”

Kat is not new to singing or songwriting. She got her start in the entertainment industry on Broadway and has sang in quite a lot of her television and film credits, such as: Girl vs. MonsterA Sort of Homecoming, and Little Savages. She also sung and wrote the song, “Chatter,” heard in the film Contest.

“Ember” can currently be streamed on every music streaming platform (Apple Music, Spotify, etc.) as well as purchased on iTunes and Amazon.

What do you think of her new song, “Ember”? Any favorite lyrics from the song?

*”Ember” was originally set to be released Monday at 11EST, but Spotify and iTunes had server issues.