PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #8 – You Know Nothing, Hayley Atwell

This week on Pop A La Carte, Valerie, Tatiana, and Mae discuss news from the TCA’s – including discussion of the DCTV crossover (0:33), Valerie tells the story of how she had to introduce Hayley Atwell to half the MCU (24:58), and we discuss the French but not in English drama, Versailles (33:35) – and we discuss Game of Thrones, S7 Ep3* (39:52).

*This episode was recorded as a second part of the discussion we had on Wednesday, August 2nd, and so we hadn’t seen S7 Ep4 of Game of Thrones yet.

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(Also, we adore Hayley Atwell, so we hope you realize that title is a joke because of the story and the fact that we discussed GOT in the episode)