INTERVIEW: Jade Hassouné On ‘Shadowhunters’ & ‘That’s My DJ’

Jade Hassouné

Photo Credit: Lesley Bryce

If you’ve seen Shadowhunters, chances are you’ve seen Jade Hassouné as the seelie, Meliorn. 

His most recent project alongside Shadowhunters has been the award winning web-series, That’s My DJ. In that series he portrays Sam, an up and coming DJ forced to overcome a life changing moment in the third and final season.

We got the chance to ask Jade some questions on both projects, and about anything else he has in store for us in the future.

That’s My DJ and Shadowhunters are two completely different forms of mediums and genres. One is a edgy webseries about DJs and the other is a fantasy TV show. Were there any similarities and differences between filming both of these projects?

Yes, they’re very different! The cool thing is that I was shooting both at the same time so I was jumping in and out of fantasy and reality. One is a big Disney machine production with so many people involved, where things need to be done fast and on the first try almost. The other is a very intimate environment where we got to delve into the scenes with intensity. They were both very fun and fulfilled me in different ways. 

Which role was easier for you to get into character for: Sam or Meliorn?
I’d say Sam for the emotional depth that I had to reach. But both require me to believe what I am living 100%.

How long does it take for you to get ready as Meliorn?

It takes about an hour. I have four stations to go to: prosthetics (ears/scars), then hair, then makeup (leaf tattoos), then costume (armor).

By working on That’s My DJ, did it open your eyes to the world of electronic dance music or were you already a fan? If so, any favorite artists or tracks?

I was a fan because I met D.W. Waterson (creator of That’s My DJ) and she is a DJ in real life (hey! dw). She would take me to different events and parties to get into character. Also, her DJ sets got me hooked. I love EDM music from the U.K. with a tropical and pop twist. 

I loved how at the beginning of every season in That’s My DJ, the first scene was filmed in first person (as if we were your character, Sam, for instance). What was it like shooting that scene?
It was so cool! It throws you into the character’s shoes right? Well it was kinda easy because that wasn’t me behind the camera! It was our cinematographer James Poremba. That’s when I got to just chill and enjoy the view.

Jade Hassouné

Photo Credit: Lesley Bryce

You were featured in That’s My DJ before as a more of a secondary character. How was it having the third season be all about Sam?
It’s a dream come true to be the lead of a series, and it felt natural to continue developing him as a person… to make him grow up. I didn’t really find any difference; I just focused on doing the scenes one at a time until we got it right. 

Any other projects you’re currently or going to be working on?

I’m a character in a new video game coming out on the Nintendo Switch (also Playstation 4 and Xbox One) called StarLink: Battle for Atlas. It’s a game by Ubisoft. I’m very excited for you guys to see it!

Will we be seeing Meliorn in any future episodes of Shadowhunters? If so, what can we expect from him/the Seelie Court?

Yes, you will! You can expect him to see him with his beloved and master, the Seelie Queen, soon! 


With Sarah Hyland’s guest star appearance as the Seelie Queen airing Monday August 7th, we can almost bet that Meliorn will have scenes with his Queen as well.

Shadowhunters airs Monday nights at 8/7c on Freeform.

The entire series of That’s My DJ is available to watch on YouTube. Below is the third season trailer, which Jade stars in. However, this writer highly recommends you check out the second season as well, because you see his character, Sam, be an amazing best friend to that season’s lead character, Meagan.