Telltale Launches Trailer For Batman: The Enemy Within

For those of us who couldn’t get enough of Telltale’s foray into DC, the long-awaited moment is finally here – Batman: The Enemy Within just launched its first trailer. Episode one of the five-part episodic game series is called ‘The Enigma,’ and it premieres on August 8th. The acclaimed adventure series from Telltale Games, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and DC Entertainment appears to be returning with a timely story that echoes The War Of Jokes and Riddles, the title of Batman’s current comic book arc.

As you can see from the trailer, The Riddler is back and ready to terrorize Gotham City, but Edward Nygma and his puzzles are not the only bad guys in town. There is also a ruthless federal agent to navigate, not to mention more appearances by the proto-version of Joker that Bruce met at Arkham Asylum. Batman must make a few uneasy alliances, all while Bruce Wayne finds himself in the middle of a new series of deceptions. Once again, it is up to the player to decide which of Batman‘s new allies to trust and what choices to allow Bruce to make.

Telltale provides excellent storytelling even when the gameplay is a little restrictive. I personally was a huge fan of Batman: The Telltale Series when it came to character development and fun plot twists, so I look forward to seeing what Batman: The Enemy Within has in store. That being said, I hope the second season contains a few more puzzles for the player to piece together. It’s only fitting, given that the Riddler will be a large part of the story – and while the moments of Batman playing detective were few and far between last season, they were one of the most enjoyable parts of the game.

One final caveat: this trailer contains no Selina Kyle, which is a tragedy. Hopefully the game has a little Catwoman to tide me over, or my claws might come out.

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