SDCC 2017: Interviews with the Cast & Producer of ‘iZombie’

iZombie left our TV screens with such a show changer, that I don’t know how we’re going to wait until next year for the new season.

So naturally at this year’s Comic Con, we had so many questions for the cast and producers as to what we can expect with the now #1 zombie city, Seattle, and its inhabitants.

Unfortunately, the cast hadn’t been given the script at the time, so we only have a few definite answers, but it was great to also see what they think will happen.

David Anders (Blaine DeBeers)

Blaine will continue to serve as our villainous fave. Seeing how his father, played by Robert Knepper, will be a series regular next season, you can bet that we’ll see a father/son constant duel. “Once he (Angus) gets out of that well, what Rob has told me – it’s kind of amazing.” Anders is also so excited to be back to bad Blaine. “I felt a bit handcuffed,” he mentioned in playing amnesiac!Blaine. But now with zombies being a large population of Seattle, his brain business will probably be booming come season 4. That is, if Angus doesn’t steal his customers first.

Malcolm Goodwin & Robert Buckley (Clive Babineaux & Major Lilywhite)

According to Robert, Major will be really committed to Fillmore Graves in the next season. “He’s a big believer in their cause – forfeiting his humanity to join up with them.” Seeing how he was so keen on staying human originally, that’s very apparent!

Clive is going to have an interesting transition in season 4. “He still has to wake up and go to work every day,” says Malcolm. “Dynamics change in the police force, because now every detective has to work with a zombie.” Police members are going to now question his work with Liv. “He also has to deal with the fact that his girlfriend’s a zombie.” It’s similar to what Major and Liv went through, he points out. They have to find new ways to be affectionate. “Hand stuff!” Robert immediately yells.

Clive might now be some serious competition for Liv’s brain cooking meals. I want a food show now, guys! Or brain food show?

Rahul Kohli  (Ravi Chakrabarti)

According to Rahul, we will know the result of Ravi’s zombie scratch in the first episode. He pitched the idea of having Ravi turn into the Incredible Hulk when he got scratched, but that didn’t get used. He did, however, pitch a brain that possibly could! Hopefully they use it so we can find out what it is! Rahul thinks that there will be drastic change with the way Seattle is run. Such as: illegal immigration, human against zombie crimes, people sneaking in and out, etc. I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what the outcome will be come the return of the series.

Rose McIver (Olivia “Liv” Moore)

When it comes to the new zombie population, Liv wants “understanding and tolerance and integration,” says Rose. “And I think for her, she’s really challenged by Chase’s approach.” With how both of them feel on the situation, combined with the other characters, it’s very much almost like what we’re going through in the real world. Rose thinks that Liv will definitely be a bit more of a rebel. “She’s a public figure, but she’s not marching to the beat of their drum.”

In terms of relationships, we all know that Liv is getting a new man in her life in season 4, but when it comes to endgame – she’s all for Liv/Major! I am too actually. (Aside for my love for Livton).

As for what new brain she’s most excited to see play out on the show: definitely rom-com brain. I’m already imagining Liv sitting through a Nicolas Sparks marathon or trying to have a meet cute happen for Peyton.

Aly Michalka (Peyton Charles)

“There is a possibility for a Ravi/Peyton rekindling,” Aly mentions right away. But for all those wondering her thoughts on the Ravi/Peyton/Blaine triangle, she had this to say: “It’s funny, because I’m always going to have my personal preference, that I would want Peyton to be with if she was my friend. I would continue to point her in the direction of Ravi, ’cause I think that relationship is actually really good.” She brings up the point that Ravi and Peyton weren’t together when the Patty mishap happened and that mistakes can be forgiven; people mature over time and mistakes are forgiven. Regardless of this writer’s opinion on the Ravi/Peyton/Blaine triangle, I agree with the last statement.

Also mentioned is Peyton’s rising new position in her career towards the end of season 3 and into season 4. I’m interested to see how even more involved she’ll become in each episode’s case.

Executive Producer Diane Ruggiero

First thing that the executive producer wants to clarify is that season 4 is not the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. It’s more like the chicken pox of zombies. According to Diane, season 4 picks up 3 months after the season 3 finale. “They don’t want people coming in, or zombies coming out,” she stated.

People that have been patiently waiting for Liv’s family to reappear onto the show, you’re in luck! We’ll be seeing more of the Moore gang in the upcoming season. About time, in my opinion. Also featured in the interview is what she loves about zombies, what to expect from Blaine and Angus, and how amazing she thinks Rose is.

iZombie returns for a fourth season during mid-season 2018 on The CW!