SDCC 2017: Interviews with the Cast & Producers of ‘Stitchers’


The Stitchers cast and producer, Jeff Schechter, were at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and talked with us all about what to expect in the final episodes of Season 3!

Ritesh Rajan (Linus Ahluwalia), Jeff Schechter (Executive Producer), and Damon Dayoub (Detective Quincy Fisher)

Before our interview with these three even began, a wild!Isaiah Mustafa appears. Oh, Isaiah!

When asked what the biggest challenge was of the season for the Stitchers cast/producer, Jeff Schechter stated, “I think balancing the intensity of the stories this season, with not wanting to lose track of the fun of the show.”

This season, they introduced a love interest for Camille, Amanda Weston (portrayed by Anna Akana). Both Alison and Anna have chemistry for days, and boy does it show. When they brought Anna’s character onto the show, Jeff stated that the writers and producers didn’t want it to feel that Camille/Amanda was the “obligatory LGBTQ+ couple on the show.” They wanted them to be treated like any other couple on the show, and I definitely think that’s the case for how they’re portrayed as well. If Stitchers ends up getting another season, we would definitely be seeing more of Camille/Amanda in future episodes. Do I predict an endgame pairing with these two?

An upcoming episode we need to keep an eye out for is 3.08. It’s all about aliens and it’s Cameron the disbeliever against everyone else who do believe. Everyone will be debunking their theories around each other and it’s sure to cause some hilarious banter with our beloved characters.

Also discussed in the interview was Linus dealing with the aftermath of his father passing and how this has affected him throughout.

Emma Ishta (Kirsten Clark) and Kyle Harris (Cameron)

On everyone’s mind was what it was like for Emma to finally have those scenes with Kirsten’s father. Apparently both Emma and Daniel had a lot of leeway on how to act out that scene. “It’s interesting because he’s had a huge presence throughout the entire show, but he’s hardly ever there. This was the first time we really got to work one-on-one with each other.” Anyone curious how that anticipated scene will go down?

Speaking of family members, “There’s a big reveal with her Mom in episode 10,” Emma teased. “The finale perfectly wraps up the mythology we’ve been watching so far, and it propels us into a new season, which I think is hands down the coolest storyline we’ve yet to uncover, in my opinion,” Kyle adds. But that’s if the show gets picked up for another season! So keep on watching!

Stitchers airs Monday nights at 9/8c on Freeform, with its Season 3 finale, 3.10: “Maternis,” airing August 14th!